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Journal entry by Emily Leaver

An open letter to those who couldn’t handle my diagnosis


You left me when I needed you most

You somehow found a way to warrant leaving me

At first I was devastated

How was I going to get through this without YOU?

I didn’t know at the time, but I knew I had to find a way.

I had to find a way for the ones who decided to stay

I found myself so focused on who wasn’t here, I began to lose sight of who was actually here for me.

I took the time I needed to mourn your loss and put my faith that I would indeed get through this.

What other choice did I have?


I know some may believe I have a right to hold resentment and get angry, but instead I’m choosing to forgive you.

I know that being angry any longer isn’t going to do anything for me.

It’d be me drinking poison and expecting something to happen to you, when reality of it is happening to me.


I know you’ve justified your actions somehow, someway, and I’m glad you have found peace.


I never knew that cancer would teach me one of the biggest lessons I would ever learn.


I’m thankful you aren’t here.

I’m thankful I learned who truly is here - through the good and the bad.


I hope you learned a lesson in this as well.

I hope you realized I didn’t need you

I hope you realized I didn’t depend on you

I hope you realized that through all of this -

I still persevered


This letter is not a sign of weakness, but instead a sign of the strength I have developed to close this chapter of my life with you.


I wish you nothing but the best



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