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May 09-15

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A quick note to thank everyone who sent Michael such heartfelt notes of encouragement posted here and sent to Shepherd Center. We’ve included images of just a few stacks and shout out to Jessica for the incredible paper flower arrangement, which will be cherished forever!

Michael is eternally grateful for your support and prayers (as well as fabulous collection of pet pictures you posted with your comments).  As mentioned on a previous post, we would announce when Michael is discharged from Shepherd Center...

Tax Day - April 15!

(at least, it was tax day pre-pandemic)

On April 15, Michael will move into a transitional home in Atlanta with one of the greatest (and currently anonymous) human being/caretakers  on planet earth.  If you’ve delayed in sending Michael anything in the post, please pop it in the nail by this weekend to ensure it arrives before discharge. Michael will continue to read the comments you post here on CaringBridge.

We’re wondering - do you have any show or movie recommendations for Michael? He enjoys British humor, history, cars, antiques, and classic pictures.

Thank you kindly xo

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