Thoughts & Well Wishes

Maureen Bladen | May 8, 2021

Dear Michael, 

So glad to hear your on your way outta there and transitioning and closer to going home...I’m up the road a bit in Murrells and weather is beautiful!! So it would be great for you to get out and sit in the sun and breathe the Fresh Southern Ocean Air!!

If you get bored and/or need to keep your mind occupied.... well, email me and I’ll keep your mind on the right track....I collect antiques as well!  Got hooked while we lived in Europe late 60s-early seventies.  My mother was an Antique collector, and bought a lot when over there... so she got me into it.   Pictures attached is an Antique Napoleon Game Table we got in Italy in 1969.  Its just beautiful.... 

I’ll try and help keep your mind occupied,
and off your troubles...I have items I’m trying to research and could use help with.
I’d also like to hear about what your favorite pieces are that you have!  

I say nothing gets you feeling better, than keeping your mind off what’s ailing ya’!   

God Bless ya and keep on getting better!