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Jan 24-30

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OMG I'm sooo sorry, I'm having technical difficulties from hell today!  I'm trying to get the link for my newsletter in here and I'm having trouble. Trying one last time!  

It's been a crazy year for sure, but all-in-all I'm proud of what our foundation has accomplished this year.  For a recap of what we've done, and what we plan to accomplish in the 2021, visit this link to our online newsletter (and be sure to watch the video of Reef Carneson and his sister!  It is sure to melt your heart!)

There is still time to get in your tax-deductible donation to The Live Like Maya Foundation!  We've been blown away by your support this year!  Every donation that comes in brings me to tears. 😭 I'm not joking.  I'm just so grateful and we've been able to help so many families this year who are really struggling due to the pandemic.  It brings me so much joy to be able to help... even if in a small way! 💙

Thank you to everyone for you incredible support and we wish everyone a blessed and healthy New Year!  Thank you all for #LivingLikeMaya!  💙💙💙

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