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Three Years. 💔

I posted this on my social media today.  I thought I would share it here for those who are not on Facebook:

3 years. 💔 It seems like a lifetime, but then it also just seems like yesterday. The memories of that day, and the days leading up to Oct. 3, 2017 are soul crushing. Each day we prayed that your lungs would show improvement. Oh how the nurses and doctors wracked their brains trying to figure out how to make you better. The one respiratory resident, or fellow, I can't remember what he was but his name was Chad and he would just stand in your room, looking at the monitors and making tiny adjustments to the machine, hoping that he could make your lungs well again. I could just see the look of sadness and frustration in his eyes when your lungs didn't respond. Then rounds in the morning and the doctors just started looking down at their feet. I knew what that meant. They were out of ideas. 💔 In the end, I felt almost a tinge of relief... knowing that you would not be suffering anymore. I knew you wanted to go. Your dignity was gone. You would never have recovered fully. It was time to let go. And you went peacefully.
As the world continues on without you, for our family it stopped when you passed. I will not rest until we can find cures and better treatment options for pediatric cancer. You suffered so greatly, and in the end you were cancer free, but the treatments you endured took you down. I know you would want our family to go on with the fight... to live out your legacy helping others.
This is the last day of my fundraiser. Help me reach my $3K goal today. It is my hope that by the end of the year we can donate $20K to St. Jude (we've already donated $10K) and $10K to the leukemia & lymphoma society. We will select pediatric cancer as the area our money will benefit at LLS. We also hope to continue to financially assist local families who are in crisis right now due to the pandemic.
Maya, I hope you are looking down and see how you are changing the world every day. Your death will not be in vain. It will have a purpose.... it will change lives. I love you. I love you more. I love you most. 💙💔 #LiveLikeMaya #childhoodcancer #neverforget #morethan4 #mayastrong
I posted my Facebook fundraiser.  For those of you who are not on social media, I never shy away from asking for donations.  I will never stop until we have CURES and better treatment options!  If you find it in your heart to donate to my foundation today, you can do so by Venmo:  LIVELIKEMAYA or at www.LiveLikeMaya.org.  And a HUGE thank you to all who have already donated.  Pediatric research has taken a huge hit due to the pandemic and so many families are struggling right now.  ALL of you are making a difference and our family is eternally grateful!!!
Also, a big thank you to CTI for selecting our foundation as their charity for the month of September, and to USA Frame for selecting us for their charity for the month of October!! We are so grateful!
Thank you to The Common Beer Company, Todd Hudson at Wildflower Cafe and Third Eye Brewing Company for their incredible fundraisers for our foundation!  We collected 47 units of blood at our blood drive at Third Eye and registered 21 people to the national bone marrow registry!  Amazing!!
Designer Purse Raffle,  4 designer bags being raffled during the month of October!
Please tune in to our Facebook LIVE event tomorrow, Sunday, at 7 PM on our MayaStrong foundation page! Because we had to cancel our designer bag Bingo event this year due to Covid we are going virtual with a Designer Bag Raffle, hosted by our favorite drag queen, Dee W. Ieye.  She is hysterical and the purses we are raffling off are beautiful.  We will raffle off 4 purses total (one each week) and Dee will go LIVE on Facebook with each "bag reveal" on each Sunday in October.  She will have some fun trivia questions and we have some great prizes but you have to tune in to watch her LIVE each Sunday in October at 7 PM.  If you are not on social media, we will post the video on our website here and you can see the purse being raffled each week:  https://livelikemaya.org/events/ 
Raffle tickets are 1 for $20 and 4 for $75.   Raffle sales will go all week long after Dee's LIVE video and on the following Saturday a pediatric cancer patient will draw the winner.  This coming Saturday, the 10th, Reef Carneson, will be drawing the winner.  We will also share Reef's story tomorrow so stay tuned on Facebook or on our website!  We will post the video on our FB page and on our website Event page.  After the entire month, we will tally up the funds we have raised and proceeds will be divided amongst the 4 families.  To purchase raffle tickets please either Venmo:  LIVELIKEMAYA or go to: https://livelikemaya.org/purse
And finally, we are still planning on moving forward with our Mother's Day fundraiser in 2021 for our foundation and the Shine Like Sable Foundation benefiting Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Please save the date for May 8th.   For whomever purchased tickets, we are holding onto them and we appreciate your patience!  The event will still be at the Manor House.  We will still be in need of raffle baskets and donated items so stay tuned for more info in the next coming months.  Here is the sign up sheet for all who had signed up.  If you need to make any changes you can do so here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4aaaae2baa8-raffleauction
For any questions please email me at LiveLikeMaya@gmail.com
And today, in Maya's memory, please do a random act of kindness. If you have one of her RAK cards, please use one... or more.  Put a smile on someone's face as Maya would always do.  Below are some photos my mother-in-law sent me today that I have never seen.  Typical goofy Maya, always making people smile. And ALWAYS wearing the biggest smile on her face... even when meeting Jesus... and you CANNOT tell me this painting is NOT of her!!!   Thank you all for LIVING LIKE MAYA.  #MayaStrong

Show your love and support for Maya.

Make a donation to CaringBridge to keep Maya’s site up and running.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

So yesterday it hit me that today is the first day of Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I'm not gonna lie... I spazzed out!  I tend to be very ADD and I panicked and started doing 10 things at once and couldn't focus.  I messaged my board members in a panic and they all told me to take deep breaths and have a glass of wine... which I obliged!  I will admit... it helped!!  It is this month that I want more than anything else to honor Maya and make her proud.  This is such a big month for our family!  Today, 9 years ago, was the day of Maya's first bone marrow transplant.  Our hero, Kayleigh Briest (pictured below), a complete stranger at the time, donated her precious cells to keep Maya alive!  We met her a year later and she has been a part of the family ever since. I'll never forget when Maya was at St. Jude, in the ICU, near the end 💔and I looked up to see Miss Kayleigh walk through those glass fishbowl doors to surprise me.  It meant so much to me. And Maya never saw her.  She never woke up again. 😢

It's an emotional month for our family.  I can't help but break down every time I see another child going through the same torture that Maya went through.  Please send up prayers for all of them... especially Kila who is enduring a lumbar puncture with chemo today, Reef who went through a horrific surgery of the skull yesterday to remove melanoma that had invaded the durma of his brain, and Izzy who starts cycle 5 of her chemo after she's relapse for the umteeth time. 💔 When I hear of what these kids are going through I just want to ball up my fists and scream WHY???  WHY are these kids going through this horrific torture??

All I can do is put my head to the ground and move forward.  I can only fight the fight by helping to fund cures and better treatment options.  And I can try to help by alleviating their financial burdens...  but it's just a drop in the bucket.  There is still SO MUCH MORE that needs to be done!!

I sent out a newsletter today with all of the activities we have planned for this month. Please take a moment to read through it.  If you can make a donation to our foundation, St. Jude Walk/Run team or even a silent auction or raffle item to be used at one of these events we'd be so grateful!  The St. Jude Walk/Run has gone virtual this year.   We've come up with a fun way that everyone can participate, and it can be any day/time that is convenient for you!  It's the "555" event! If you walk, run or even bike we ask you do do a 5K, take a photo of yourself or group doing it, post it on Instagram with #LiveLikeMaya, donate $5 to either our foundation, St. Jude team or Venmo LIVELIKEMAYA and then challenge 5 of your friends!  Let's see if we can get this thing going!!!  

Other exciting news regarding Third Eye Brewing Company!

Third Eye Brewing Company's motto is #LiveLifeDoGoodDrinkBeer.  In the spirit of giving back, today, on the first day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Third Eye is proud to announce their partnership with the Live Like Maya Foundation!  Throughout the month of September, 10% of sales of a weekly selected beer will be donated to our foundation.  Look for the "Live Like Maya" button (pictured below) next to the beer of choice on Third Eye's menu board. 

But wait, there's more!  On September 12th, during Maya's birthday blood drive fundraiser (see below for more details), Third Eye will launch a special limited beer release specifically to honor Maya!  Proceeds of this beer will also benefit The Live Like Maya Foundation!  We are so grateful to Third Eye and their generosity!  And if you'd like to register to donate blood, we still need about 20 more registrations to meet our goal!  Here is the link to register: https://www.hoxworth.org/groups/maya

The event is going to be a blast with live music, raffles, silent auction and even a "crowler pull".  Don't know what a crowler pull is?  Stop by and give it a try and you will have a chance to win some Third Eye swag or gift cards and take home a crowler of Third Eye beer!   And if you are nervous about coming, we understand.  A lot of the activities we plan to have outside and we are very careful about distancing and mask wearing!

We also have a fundraiser at Menchies in Mason this Thursday, 3-8 PM and check out The Common Beer Company's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" event on September 11th as proceeds of beer sales will benefit our foundation!  (details of these events are also in our newsletter).

For more information about everything going on this month you can check out our newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/efd508ef9329/childhoodcancerawarenessmonth

To keep up with all of our events please visit the events section of our website and register to join our mailing list!


Phew... I think I'm going to have another glass of wine now!!!  Love you all and thank you for Living Like Maya!! 


Blood drive at Third Eye Brewing Company and more!

Hello friends!  Hope this message finds all of you healthy and well!

Things here have been plugging along. The brewery is doing really well considering the complications with the pandemic.  We are very blessed to have amazing friends and supporters... and new folks who are checking us out and seem to really love our brewery!  Last weekend we had a nice taste of how it might be in the non-Covid world.  The convention center across the street had an event with 2500 attendance on Saturday and 1500 on Sunday.  In addition, there was a tennis tournament across the street!  Whew!  Let's just say our brewery was rockin'!   We ran out of burgers Saturday night!! 😳 

We have another big convention coming in this weekend, even bigger than last weekend, so we are staffing up!  And stocking up on burgers!! 😜 Our burgers really are amazing.  If you haven't tried our brew burgers yet you really are missing out.  Patrons have said they are the best burgers they've ever had!  

We are working hard to keep our patrons safe.  Socially distanced tables... everyone must wear a mask until seated or outside... we have worked hard to create lots of outdoor space which is really helping to accommodate the maximum amount of people as possible.  We want our patrons to feel safe... but also to be able to have fun!

Okay, enough advertising for the brewery.  Ha!  So, our foundation is gearing up for a little "social distancing" fundraising as well as a really fun virtual event in October.   Maya's 17th birthday is on Saturday, September 12th.  Third Eye Brewing Company will be hosting a blood drive, bone marrow drive and fundraiser for the Live Like Maya Foundation.  We are still working on the details, but we are planning music, raffles, silent auction and some other fun things so stay tuned.  Common Brew in Mason has also graciously offered to include our foundation in a multi-day event they are hosting during her birthday week.  Stay tuned for more info about that!

We are still looking for donations for our fundraising... so if you have anything you could donate we'd be so grateful!

Thank you to my dear friend Kristin, who converted her 50th birthday party into a fundraiser for the Live Like Maya Foundation, hosted at Third Eye.   How amazing is that?  I know that Maya was smiling down.  Maya and Kristin's daughter, Kaitlin, were good friends.  We are so grateful for her kind and giving heart. 💙 

To sign up to donate blood at our blood drive please visit:  www.hoxworth.org/groups/maya

Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming events!  Thank you all for your support! 



Third Eye Brewing Company

Hello!  I hope this finds all of you well and healthy during these crazy times. 

I just had to post something that was on my heart tonight.  Some of you know that tomorrow is the grand opening of our long awaited brewery, Third Eye Brewing Company.  This is Tom's dream come true.  Tom has been brewing beer in our basement for years and years, close to ten years.  The guys who have brewed with him have changed over the years and the brewing configuration in our basement has expanded and eventually taken over a majority of our basement area, but Tom has never given up on his dream.  I jokingly called the set up in our basement the "meth lab", as often I'd hear the guys down there yelling that something was overflowing, exploding or on fire! 😳 

When Maya relapsed for the 3rd time, the beer brewing was put on the back burner.  And when she passed away it was still a thing of the past.  But as time went on, Tom started to tinker around down there and soon his brother, Tim, joined him.  Tim, has always been Tom's faithful brewing companion, and then Tom Schaefer joined in and brought along Terry Krieg and Mark Buchy.  And the partnership was complete.  The "meth lab" was in overdrive again and the beer was flowing!

After a while it was decided (a large part of this was yours truly telling them to get the meth lab out of my basement!) that they needed to move this craziness out of our basement and the search for a brewery location had begun.  They searched for 2 years before they landed on Sharonville and the Northern Lights District.  Sharonville is an up-and-coming area that currently does not have any breweries.  The location is directly across from the Sharonville Convention Center and is surrounded by hotels, one of them (the one next door) owned by friends that we have known for years!  It was a perfect location and the city has been amazing to us.  They have embraced us with open arms!

Then the search for brewers and a chef began.  Tom Schaefer's daughter, Chloe, is a microbiologist and a graduate of the University of California-Davis master brewer certificate program.  And how awesome to have a female brewer!!  Shortly after posting a job request for another qualified brewer, we received a message from Kelly Montgomery, a very well known and award winning brewer in Cincinnati. They are the perfect pair!

So the quest for a chef began.  Months ago, out of the blue, I received an email from Steven Vanderpool who was in Houston and looking for work in Cincinnati as he planned to move back home (he is from Cincy). He had Googled "graphic designers in Mason" and my name popped up.  I worked with him to update his resume and was very impressed with his credentials (and drooling over his food pics!).  Fast forward several months, Covid was hitting and we were in desperate need of a chef.  I mentioned to Tom that maybe we should give Steven a call as maybe he still was unemployed due to the pandemic. Tom called "Cheffy" and they hit it off and he indeed was still job searching.  

How lucky are we?!  The menu Steven has been working on is incredible.  The beer that Chloe and Kelly are creating is perfection.  Our kitchen and brewery staff are amazing and we already feel like they are part of our family. We are so blessed.

Maya knew that her daddy's dream was to open a brewery. I truly believe that she is showering us with her pixie dust as everything is completely falling into place. We had a few soft openings last weekend to iron out the kinks and it went beautifully.  On Sunday night, as the staff was sharing a celebratory drink, Steven mentioned that Maya has been visiting him in his dreams, even though he never had the privilege to meet her.  How amazing is that?  I still think it's crazy that Steven Googled for a graphic designer and my name popped up... some little angel must've had a hand in this! 😇 

Third Eye has partnered with the Live Life Maya Foundation and we have some exciting fundraising plans in the works.  We hope to make Maya proud.  Thank you Maya for helping to make your Daddy's dream come true. We know that you have a big part in this.  

For more info about the brewery, check out these articles that were published today:

The Enquirer
365 Cincinnati

And be sure to follow us on social media at Third Eye Brewing Company.

Wish us luck for tomorrow and we hope to see you all at our brewery sometime in the near future!!



COVID Craziness, #GivingTuesdayNow and Cinco de "Maya"

Hello friends, I hope this message finds you all well.  So, the last time I made a post was Feb. 20th.  My, how things have changed since then!  Who knew??!!  

I just wanted to reach out to check on everyone. I know how hard this is for all of us. So much lost.  Graduations, vacations, proms, end of school celebrations, jobs.... the list goes on and on.  Such devastation and loss. So many people are hurting. There really are no words. 😢 

The Collins family is hanging in. In all honesty, we are used to living in isolation.  Quarantine was our life with Maya for many years.  But it still doesn't make it easy.  Annabella is sad to be missing the rest of her freshman year at Xavier and she had a wonderful internship lined up at a non-profit working with Spanish speaking ESL students that has now been postponed to next year.  She's been a trooper though, knowing that she most likely will be living at home all summer (she would've been living on campus for the internship).  Nothing like being stuck in quarantine with the "rents" all summer when you could've been footloose and fancy free on campus as a 19-year old!!  She's taking it waaay better than I ever would!  But, we are blessed to have an amazingly unselfish daughter who knows that it could be MUCH worse, and she is blessed to have a bed to sleep in and food on the table during these trying times.

Our foundation has been hard at work trying to help several pediatric cancer families during these trying times as well as support some incredibly promising cancer research. Many have lost jobs and are struggling to pay the medical bills, let alone put food on the table. Being such a new foundation, we don't have the means to help as many families as we would like, but we do our best to help as many and as much as possible.  All of our fundraisers have been cancelled for the near foreseeable future. We hope to host our annual Bingo events in the fall/winter, but for now everything is on hold. We are still collecting donations for raffle/auction items if anyone would like to drop anything off with me. If we have to cancel all events this year we will hold onto them for next year. Thank you to all who have dropped off items to me so far this year!

We are so thankful to everyone who donated items to our Mother's Day fundraiser in conjunction with the Shine Like Sable foundation.  We were so sad to have to postpone the fundraiser to next year, but we really had it in our hearts to be a Mother's Day event, so we have postponed the event to the same day, May 8th, 2021.  Please mark your calendars.  We will be notifying everyone when tickets go on sale next year.  And if you have already purchased tickets we will hold onto them for next years event or you can request a refund from EventBrite

To read an article about our foundations and the event visit: https://citylifestyle.com/cincinnati-oh/articles/life-and-culture/kindness-matters

Today is national #GivingTuesdayNow, an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.  Today is also Cinco de "Maya", a day that our family loves to celebrate with blue margaritas and toasting to our girl!  You can see in the photo below that Maya loved Mexican food!  If you have it in your heart to donate to our foundation, or to my St. Jude fundraising team in Maya's memory we would be so grateful.  I'm trying to top $1K in donations today!  You can also Venmo to LIVELIKEMAYA!

In conclusion, please feast your eyes on the train wreck "Dance Challenge" that our family performed last night to raise $$ for St. Jude.  Tom hurt his foot during his epic jump at the end so no more tries for us!! Needless to say... I need to keep my day job... ha! 😂  So, please don't let this embarrassing dance (and Tom's hurt foot) be in vain!!  Please consider a donation to our foundation or to our St. Jude team!!  

Thank you all for your continuous support and generosity and stay safe and well!  #LiveLikeMaya


Hope.  To me, hope is one of the most important words in the universe.  Hope for the future. Hope for love. Hope for prosperity. Hope for joy. Hope for LIFE.  Without hope there is despair. 

This has been a hard week, for many.  And I've been struggling with what to write today.  I knew I wanted to write something... a tribute, but I was at a loss for words.  This week we lost a precious young life, and we honor another who passed one year ago today. Ben Tavella passed in his dorm room on Tuesday. As written in the press release by Mason schools, "Ben was a fiercely independent, witty, bright young man, who had defied many odds and was pursuing engineering."   Maya loved Ben and I know she greeted him at the gates and wrapped him in love.  

Sable Gibson passed away a year ago today, from complications related to the flu and strep throat.  Both of these deaths have rocked our community.  For  families like ours, who have lost a child, these deaths bring back memories.  Trauma.  It all comes crashing back.  It is hard not to despair.  

But, in the aftermath of tragedy there is hope.  Hope for peace and comfort.  Hope for love.  Hope that life will continue, somehow, amidst the grief and despair.  

Sable's death has brought our community together.  The kindness and love that has embraced our community because of her has been amazing.  I know that Ben's death will do the same, will renew the love and kindness within our community.  Both of these sweet souls will continue to bring us together, to work together for the greater good.  To give us hope and faith in humanity.

So, I felt that "hope" was a fitting tribute for today. And even more fitting as I head to St. Jude this afternoon with one of my dearest and most loyal friends (I have many and for that I'm so grateful).  Heading to the hospital that is so dear to my heart.  That offered our family so much hope.  I will feel closer to Maya there.  I can't wait to feel her.  😇  When I think of hope I think of this photo.  It was taken the day we arrived at St. Jude.  We had so much hope.  Hope for a cure.  Hope for a long life.  Hope for the future.

So, as our community grieves during this "National Kindness Week" please honor these babies and do an act of kindness.  Sable's family asks that you make a donation to their foundation that does so much good within our community.  To make a donation please visit: https://shinelikesable.org/  Or make a donation to your favorite charity, buy a coffee for someone or a meal for the person behind you in the drive-thru.  Give a big tip to your waiter/waitress...  or simply open the door for someone and smile. A simple smile can go a long way.  And say a prayer for these two families on this extremely hard day.  Pray that they can find comfort and hope amidst despair. 



Continued Blessings

119.  We were 119 votes short of winning the Xavier grant.  😭 The animal sanctuary won and as bummed as I was, I know Maya would've been happy as she loved animals. And I was amazed at how many votes we received and thankful for my village who rallied so hard for us!  So I licked my wounds, pulled up my bootstraps (I'm really showing my age with these comments) and moved on... only to open a letter in the mail this past Saturday with a check for $5,000!! 😍  It was a grant from an extremely generous couple in Kentucky who have followed Sophia Kappen's journey (Sophia passed away a few months before Maya of leukemia also).  Amy, Sophia's momma, was so kind to try to rally her village for votes for us so I guess this sweet couple followed our progress and took pity on me when we lost, LOL.  Anyway, I am so grateful for their most generous donation!  I would give them a shout out on here but I'm not sure if they want to remain anonymous or not, so if they see this post I just want them to know that I cried like a baby when I saw the check!! 😭  THANK YOU!  And thank you to ALL of you who tried SO HARD to get us the votes!!

I do want you all to know that your donations are helping families!  We have delivered assistance to several families at Cincinnati Children's Hospital over the past few months. I am so happy to be able to help, even if it is probably just a small drop in the bucket as compared to all the medical bills that they have.  I hope, as our foundation grows, that we can do so much more!

I know this is last minute, but if anyone is interested, I'm delivering and emailing Valentines out tomorrow in return for a donation to our foundation.  I came up with the idea yesterday after I received two donations from individuals who donated as a Valentine gift for their loved one.  For a donation of less than $25 I'll email a Valentine's Day e-card acknowledging that a donation has been made to our foundation in their honor (and a message from you if you include it with the donation).  For a donation of $25 or more I'll deliver a box of chocolates and the same card of acknowledgement (if the delivery is local in the Mason area) if you include the recipient's address. For more information visit:  https://mailchi.mp/094cc73e7cde/send-your-valentine-a-card-for-a-cause It's an easy way show you love someone and help a great cause!!

And, finally, we have some BIG NEWS that I wanted to announce that we are super excited about.  We are hosting a Mother's Day luncheon fundraiser at the Manor House Event Center here in Mason on May 9th in conjunction with the Shine Like Sable Foundation.  Sweet Sable passed away suddenly last year from complications of the flu (next week is the one year anniversary of her death, so please send up prayers for her family).  Her family is also from Mason and they have since formed a foundation in her memory and are doing amazing things to carry out her legacy!  Both of our foundations raise funds for Cincinnati Children's Hospital (CCHMC) so we are joining forces to host a fundraiser for this hospital that fought so hard to save our girls!  We will have speakers from CCHMC at the event, games, music, mimosas, delicious food and much more!!  Tickets will go on sale in March so keep a lookout on our website for the link!

We are looking for raffle and silent auction items for the fundraiser.  Incredibly, I posted this sign-up sheet for baskets and auction/raffle items on Facebook and within 48 hours a majority of things had been claimed already!! But there are still a few things on there if anyone can help us out: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4aaaae2baa8-raffleauction

Also, other things we are looking for are theatre/orchestra tickets, photography sessions, limo rides, spa packages, vacation destinations or any type of experience like a personal chef or private restaurant event.  

Next week I will head to St. Jude for the Volunteer Leadership Conference. Last year I had the honor of attending as I was on the Cincinnati St. Jude Run/Walk committee.  This year I will attend as one of the top 50 fundraising teams. I'm super proud about that and looking forward to touring the hospital and seeing friends. 

It's going to be a great year!  We have been diligently planning our upcoming fundraisers.  I'm excited for what's in store.  Oh, and Tom is going to be opening a brewery in a month or so (I am Event Director), so there's that too.  Life is insane, but we constantly feel Maya... nudging us from behind and whispering in our ear. She fuels my fire.  I am learning to listen to my heart... to let go and let my heart take me where I need to be.  She is there... always... leading the way. Teaching me and showing me.  I may not hear her speaking the words, but she is everywhere... guiding me.  And for that I find peace.  Tomorrow will be a hard day for a lot of us.  The memories of the girls, decorating their tissue boxes, the excitement of the school parties, filling out their cards carefully for each person in their class.  I know they both are/would be too old for all of that now, but I still feel cheated.  It all ended so abruptly.  It's just not right.  😢  But I AM excited to take Anna out to lunch tomorrow.  Seeing her eases my heart. She makes me so proud with everything that she accomplishes and I know Maya is so proud too. 😍  Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, and to all who might feel lonely or has lost a loved one, please know that we hold you in our heart. 🙏 



January 23, 2020

Hi Friends!  One LAST ask and then I'll stop buggin' you all on here!  Our foundation was in first place yesterday but the non profit running for second place hit up an Instagram Influencer who shared it and now they are getting hundreds of votes!  Ugh!  I made this blog public so please share or copy and past the instructions and info below to share on your social media.

If you could just take 30 seconds to vote we'd be so grateful.  $5,000 to help these pediatric cancer families would be so wonderful!!  And for Maya's sister to accept the grant in Maya's memory would be even better!  At Anna's own university no-less!!  Here's the info again on how to vote and voting ends tonight at MIDNIGHT!  Thank you all for your support!!!  #LiveLikeMaya #MayaStrong

Hi Friends! So, most of you know my story. My daughter, Maya, fought cancer for 6 1/2 years and passed away in 2017. 💔 Her older sister, Annabella, is a freshman this year at Xavier. Our family has channeled our grief into a foundation, The Live Like Maya Foundation MayaStrong, raising $$ to financially assist families dealing with pediatric cancer and to help fund research for better treatment options and cures for pediatric cancer. We are trying to win a $5,000 grant that is being offered by Xavier University I'm reaching out to all of you to ask if you would kindly nominate our non-profit. It would be amazing if Annabella could accept this grant in honor of her sister at her very own university! Currently the 2nd place non-profit is pushing this hard on social media and gaining momentum!! If you guys could take 30 secs to vote we'd crush this! *An added bonus - if we win and you vote for us you'll be added to a drawing for 4 premium seats to the Jan 29th Xavier basketball game!**
  1. You will have to choose the drop down "MY NON PROFIT OF CHOICE IS NOT LISTED"

For more information about Maya and our foundation, you can visit www.LiveLikeMaya.org. 💙Thank you for your support!! We are so grateful!