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Journal entry by Lisa Fickling

Holy crap, it’s only been two years since Mama went to Heaven. For me, it feels like she’s been gone much longer. Every day without her feels like an eternity but every day that she’s been gone I have the privilege of being alive. Every day I have the privilege to honor her and share memories of my beautiful Angel who left us much too soon. I plan on sharing memories of my beautiful Mama till the day I die. 

Losing a loved one sucks. It breaks you, it makes you angry, it makes you sad. It shakes you to your core. Most all of us have lost someone near and dear to us. No longer can we go visit with them or hug them or hold their hand. No longer can we hear their laughter or create more memories. When you think of all that you’ve lost it can be devastating at times. What if instead of focusing on what we lost we focus on what we had?  What if we lived each day honoring their memory, sharing their stories, sharing all the things about them you’d want others to know?  That’s how I intend to live my life. I’m not going to focus on the Cancer that took Mom away, I’m not going to focus on her last days. Instead I will focus on the fun times we had together. I’ll focus on the good because that’s how Mom would want it. Yes, I’ll still have days that suck but I’ll have many days where I will smile because I have memories that I will cherish. I’m still here on Earth and while I’m here I will talk every day about her. I’ll do what I know my mom would want me to do and that is to LIVE. I know she is with me every always. She is with all of us who hold her love in our hearts. She sends me signs, so many signs. I believe in eternal life. I believe I will be with her again. I believe her soul will live on forever. Her blood runs through my veins. I am the daughter of an Angel. I never wanted to be without my precious mom but who ever wants to lose a loved one to death?  Honor those you have lost. Celebrate the life they lived. Find all the things you cherished about them and feel them and share them each and every day. Death may take the physical body but memories remain. We all want more memories, we want our loved ones to be with us always but they will be with us always in the memories we have. Share them!  

To all who were there and continue to be there for our family, I thank you. Without the love and support of all of you our journey would have been much harder. Thank you for loving my Mom and for loving us through our struggle of losing our most precious gift. Please do something I’m honor of Mama today. Dance, sing, cook, drive faster (but don’t get caught), laugh. Talk about her today and watch for signs from her. She sends them. This I know. 

Wishing all who read this a beautiful day!  🤗❤️😇

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