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Aug 09-15

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Holy fulfilling day!!!!!!!!!!After me and Clarence left the library, we went to the Triumph church in Southfield, MI.  Clara came up to the Grosse Pointe Library and met with us, and we journeyed our way to the church we went 8 mile west and they pulled up directions on Map Quest. Prior to arriving at the library, I took Clarence to Wendy's he drove and then, I quite often let him practice, I'm seeing his driving skills improving. Then we went to the library.

Minister spoke with confidence, so many people.  Afterwards, we all went to a variety of food trucks for free meals.  I brung a little home yesterday Charles and I had a barbeque turkey sandwich, baked beans that I purchased from Aldi's, and 

Last night's meal after I arrived from Clara and Donald's home, I stayed over there awhile after we left Shatoya's house.  We had Shake & Bake chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese I from Shatoya's, and a salad;  lettuce, tomatoes and a little touch of garlic.  Oatmeal as usual for breakfast.  

Charles is so attached to me, and has a lot of dependence upon me.  My adult children are dependent too.  Clara, Clark and Clarence.

They way I'm living now, is not the way I would like to.  Praying to our God for blessings.  Everyone see the light!

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