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Site created on October 2, 2018

Honestly, to be truthfully honest with you, I am trying my best to unravel from this circle of traumatic events. Although, I have accumulated an increasingly level of knowledge over the years, from pamphlets, articles, books recommended and suggested to me by my special friend and information I picked up at seeing my doc's at their offices.  One Chiropractor, showed me videos, I also have attended some lectures and seminars as well., while I was in pain.  .  I feel as though, I still have not accumulated enough to become the world's best survivor!  Self-care healthcare management is a very stressful job!  You have and still yet to, have a considerably lot of a l knowledge to accumulate.   By learning as much as I can tolerate, my capability of taking care of one's own(myself) shall be a breeze!  Unbeleivably wishful thinking?  Today, I thank God for my children and my friend for actively supporting me through my long life health journey.  Children and 1 pal were willing and cheerfully offered and provided their assistance.  I thank God that I can tell my story of injuries, illnesses, ... When you're sick,  ill or injured, even a little help from someone or others is worth a million smiles.  Being a cheerful giver makes a living a little worthwhile!  Although, there were unprecedented times I was suffering alone,; listening to ministry tv programs, my  favorite tv show and connecting with some positive acquaintances made things a little less overwhelming. One goes to say, "You then may pretend that you're happy, when in reality you're in excruciating pain and suffering.  You feel as though you might be a burden to others, there kind words and help uplifts your spirits somewhat." There was times that I could hardly walk thought my falls and accidents sent me into stress mode, a number high enough to put me into the categories of a person whom just had a stroke, or in other words immediate medical treatment.   Earlier when I was injured, medication and therapy seemed to help at the onset of the accidental injury and further along my health journey.  Being that pre-existing conditions, were negatively impacted by the accidents and injuries that I have sustained, it took a little more effort and tons of strength to care for myself.  Therefore I believe that it was God, that gave me the strength to care for myself.  Nowadays, I have found a very nice  special pal, friend, companion, whom has helped me educationally and medically.  He is absolutely phenomenal!  Building my core strength after the 1st onset of my accidents and injuries, took a lot of time and effort.  Putting forth my best foot, was challenging.  Like I mentioned above I began this journey by myself, as things escalated, my children stepped in them and their friends began to pitch in and helped out a lot.  Although, our relationship began with me helping him, volunteering my time, like care giving ;  transporting him to his medical appointments, helping him being supportive to him (companionship) during surgery and hospitalizations... As of today, the 2 of us are still struggling with our pre-existing health concerns.  Additionally, our accidental injuries added to our protocol makes the load a little heavier. Charles, he has lots of laundry in his everyday living.  God has given us the strength to tackle and endure through this tedious medical journey!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lynette Hall

Holy fulfilling day!!!!!!!!!!After me and Clarence left the library, we went to the Triumph church in Southfield, MI.  Clara came up to the Grosse Pointe Library and met with us, and we journeyed our way to the church we went 8 mile west and they pulled up directions on Map Quest. Prior to arriving at the library, I took Clarence to Wendy's he drove and then, I quite often let him practice, I'm seeing his driving skills improving. Then we went to the library.

Minister spoke with confidence, so many people.  Afterwards, we all went to a variety of food trucks for free meals.  I brung a little home yesterday Charles and I had a barbeque turkey sandwich, baked beans that I purchased from Aldi's, and 

Last night's meal after I arrived from Clara and Donald's home, I stayed over there awhile after we left Shatoya's house.  We had Shake & Bake chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese I from Shatoya's, and a salad;  lettuce, tomatoes and a little touch of garlic.  Oatmeal as usual for breakfast.  

Charles is so attached to me, and has a lot of dependence upon me.  My adult children are dependent too.  Clara, Clark and Clarence.

They way I'm living now, is not the way I would like to.  Praying to our God for blessings.  Everyone see the light!

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