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Journal entry by Carrie Conway

Although we have such a scheduled routine here, our days are so unpredictable. Our morning started out great, with bacon and eggs for breakfast.  PT followed and today they brought Kevin to the “big” gym with all kinds of crazy equipment. He went on a tilt table that simulated walking.  Though he hasn’t regained feeling in his legs, he felt comfortable with the regular motions.

After lunch and a dose of g-tube administered medication, Kevin felt awful.  He was nauseous, anxious, and in just a really dark mood.  It breaks my heart when he’s feeling this way, but it’s so understandable.  Luckily, his OT was about to start, and he usually gets excited for his therapies.  But she came, and he was still feeling down.  She worked quietly with him, talking him through his feelings, while subtly stretching his arms and doing her intended work.  By the end of the session, he was working hard, laughing, and chatting.  This is just another example of someone who is doing a job that was meant for her to do.  

A visit from Lori LaCoste O'Donnell and a surprise visit from Scott Middlemiss (or a visit I just forgot was happening) inflated Kevin’s mood.  He’s at his best when he has some energy and people to chat with.  

As I write tonight, there are fireworks 💥 that we can see from Kevin’s room.  With his brace, he can’t usually see much of the view from his room- but the fireworks were right in his view! I was so glad that he could enjoy this simple pleasure. 
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