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Nov 22-28

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Happy New year family and friends! 
Well, Kitten is out of rehab hospital and is home solo! She is doing excellent! We went to cardiologist today for follow up and everything is healing GREAT! She isn't even using her walker. I went ahead and told on her but Dr. said as long as she is comfortable the more independent the better. She will be able to drive in 4-6 weeks. So approximately on 1/12 shell be independent again! Thank you all for the prayers, text, calls and emails. I will show her all the comments on here through her journey. Feel free to shoot her an email and check on her. I feel email is a little bit better then calling or texting at times because she gets winded. But, she is open to all forms of communication. 

Side Note if you know ANYONE especially women with constant indigestion, nausea, or any gastro issues that seem to NOT be resolved. PLEASE encourage them to have their heart checked enzyme check via bloodworm before Upper or Lower GI test are run. A colonoscopy could've killed my mom and  I just want to warn anyone...
New year New you! DO NOT set New Years resolutions. Just change your lifestyle.....Habits are formed in 2 weeks! I NEVER EVER do resolutions! I feel like they set anyone up for failure. Just like the word DIET, I instantly become hungry..LOL! 

Thank you all again for your love and support! 
Much love and blessings!
Happy New Year 
Inhaled the Good Stuff , Exhale the Bad Stuff! 
love always

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