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Kory’s Story
Kory was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident on 4-30-18.  He is currently at OSF St. Francis Medical Center's ICU in critical condition with life threatening injuries  which will take extensive time to heal.    Kory (and all of us) have a long road to recovery.  We appreciate every every prayer, support, and bits of positivity.

 We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

A GoFund me page has also been set up to help with expenses:  https://www.gofundme.com/kory-donaldson039s-accident-fund

Newest Update

Journal entry by Becky and Gary Donaldson

Coming home.... wow.

Great? Yes

An adjustment? Yes

Today, we had 2 appointments in Chicago. Neurosurgeon... it’s been 6 weeks since his last surgery. They are super happy about how great he’s doing.

Infection doctor.... also happy. Kory got his picc line out! Last thing out that was attached to him. No more mom the nurse Iv’s at home.... no more things hanging on your arm.... Kory’s really glad about all of the above. He has had 45 appointments just since we have been home. We knew if we got through August .... we could get through anything.

Kory and I’s everyday team has expanded to several more people. Gary and Jade are so great... We are so lucky. It’s been difficult for me to walk away and let someone else in... my mom fight for life mode is hard to turn off. Here’s the thing.... Kory is doing so good... better than me. He has taken so much on himself ... he knows I need that ... he needs that... I need to catch up to him. He’s amazing. I just need to learn to get the fear out of my belly and throat. I’ll get there. We are all finding our new normal .... and it really is going to be wonderful.... we’re just getting there one day at a time.

The help we have received has been invaluable. His Benefit was beyond wonderful. Alyx and his team did an amazing job!! We are so grateful to sooo many!!

They say Kory has a year of healing still.... I can’t wait to see where he will be in one year!

We went to the SICU unit where this all started and Kory met some of the nurses who put their hearts into helping him live... it was so good to see them again. Kory actually doesn’t remember any of OSF... so for him to meet them for his first time was great!

Thank you everyone in our world... we would not be here without you!

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