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Journal entry by Charles Ellis

Kate's now over 84 pounds. Her weight ticks up slowly as the tpn pump pushes nutrients into her body via her blood stream.

Other changes, too. PT has her moving with more confidence, one foot on a step on the stairs, walking like a healthy person, not a sick one. She's also eating better and more. She eats normally, no hesitations, long pauses.

And, keep in mind that this is all prep work for the insertion of the j-tube which should take her rest of the way. At least in terms of weight. This all supports our long standing supposition that a lot of Kate's misery came from malnutrition. As her nutrition has improved, and now her weight, she's better all round.

We have the rescheduled pulmonologist appointment tomorrow. Still looking for two things: surgery risk analysis and the reading of the ct from her last hospitalization checking for lung disease.

There are many, many more steps on this road, but for the first time we both are feeling positive.
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