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Mar 07-13

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Good afternoon!

4 weeks ago today, I was cleared by the Colon Surgeon to return to my diet, return to work & return to life Jason!  Hell yes!!  You did it Couch!  What an accomplishment!  Thank you all again for your love and support through this journey.  

Since that appointment, I've worked hard to extend my stamina so I can get back to kicking ass.  Pushing a little more everyday to get stronger - mentally, physically and yes, emotionally.  

As many of you know, there is a nice park with a few walking paths directly behind the INA building.  For the last 6+ years, I go on a mile walk in the morning, a mile at lunch and a mile in the afternoon.  I've learned that this helps me segment my day and there are SOOO many positives that come out of it.  Over these years, I've gotten to see the same regulars around these paths in the park.  I've given some a nice wave.  I've stopped to talk with some.  I've given some the head nod and I've been attacked by those damn geese.  Lots of opportunities to see so much in the park!  Image seeing this 6'3" bald man with sunglasses and headphones walking rather quickly around the park...  hahaha, what a sight!  

Well, for the last... (I want to say 3 years so I'm going to - haha), 3 years I've been able to do this mile consistently in the 13:00 - 13:30range.  You see, I was gifted with a set of long, strong legs & a power mind that will accomplish anything I set it to - thank you Mom & Dad!!  

However, since getting back 4 weeks ago, I haven't been able to return to that time range.  I was pissed!!  I've pushed & pushed myself to the point that last night my knee, hip and lower back were sore.  The whole time I was wondering why can't I just get back to where I was????  It was so easy.  It was normal. It was almost effortless.   

Then this afternoon, BOOM, it hit me.  I was comparing myself today to where I was yesterday.  I was chasing it.  I was trying to hold myself to the standard(s) I had in the past.  Now, you can tie a lot of this to the last few weeks in my life but I think it's actually bigger than that.  I think that we ALL do this in some form or another.  We forget that we are not (for some reason or another) the same person we were yesterday, last week, last year.  Hell, with the dumpster fire of a year we've all had, how can we even think about comparing where we are now to where we were then?  

So remember that yesterday is gone, stop chasing it.  Give 100% to whatever you're doing right now!! 

I hope to see you on the path sometime soon!


Ps, my mile time this afternoon was 14:05 😉

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