Thoughts & Well Wishes

Jerry Hartman | Oct 29, 2020
Hello, Jason.  It's so wonderful that you are doing well.  But, you have taken a positive attitude, in spite of the seriousness of such cancer.  In your recovery, there may be some ups and downs, but continuing the positive attitude will minimize the downs and will make you feel better through the whole recovery.  I love you very much and look forward to seeing you soon.  Jerry 
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Steve Walther | Oct 29, 2020
Just heard of your current situation.  
FFFFUUUUDDDDGGGGEEEE (but the other word!).
Sounds like you are kicking arse and winning.  
Thinking of you my friend and if you need ANYTHING, just say the word.  
Be strong.  Be positive.  Be well soon.  
Steve, 208-870-7688
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