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Welcome to our CaringBridge! We will be using this to keep our loved ones updated.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thanks for visiting ❤️

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Journal entry by Elea Kass

Hello, everyone!

I don't want to build up the suspense, so I'll just say it- Jan is cancer free! 🎉

After her 6th chemo treatment, she was reevaluated and they found no sign of cancer! She has an especially elusive type of cancer so it will require very careful monitoring for the foreseeable future, but so far we deem the treatments a success!

Like with most difficult journeys in life, this one has left a toll on Jan's mind and body. She's still working on combating the aftereffects of "chemo brain" and will be on immunotherapy for the next two years. She will also do physical therapy to help rebuild her muscles and strengthen her bones, especially in her back.

She is also building up the strength to travel (staying in one spot for a few hours is still very uncomfortable) so that she can visit her favorite daughter in Texas and her favorite son in California. 

Thank you to our entire community of family and friends that have supported Jan physically and emotionally through these challenging months. I know that the power of love played a pivotal role in her fight and it will continue to do so in her process of healing. 

I'm sure she will soon have the energy to start reaching out to everyone directly to catch up (and ask about your kids!) but in the meantime, feel free to leave a note here for Jan ❤️

Now she can finally enjoy her retirement (from clinical work, at least) 😉

With love,

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