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Welcome to my CaringBridge website. I am using it to keep family, friends and coworkers updated in one place. I appreciate all the prayers and kind words of encouragement

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Journal entry by Janeann Taubel

YA me!  I survived covid!   Last fall, my Mayo oncologist scared the crap out of me regarding covid.  He said there was a 30% chance I wouldn’t survive a brush with this stupid virus.  Ultimately, I was really sick.  I had a fever, dry cough, bad headache, body aches, shortness of breath and insane levels of fatigue that lasted more than 2.5 weeks.  The kids seem to have emerged from covid relatively unscathed.  Thomas’s ear infection cleared up and the girls have bounced back normally.  The worst part of covid was not seeing Julie for almost a month.   I am still so very thankful, I survived!  

 Getting covid as a cancer patient meant a halt to my treatment.  The last time I had chemo was December 15th.   Although it is nice to take a break from chemo, I am terrified we are giving the cancer a chance to flourish again.   As you know the last 2 sets of scans showed disease progression.   So, my medical team (both here and at Mayo) has suggested that finding a drug trial was my best option going forward.   Last week I was called about a drug trial at my home cancer institution, Barnes Jewish Siteman Cancer Center.   I had a discussion with my oncologist about the drug trial and the path forward.   It ultimately ended up being a somber moment for me, as he took the opportunity to remind me of the aggressive nature of my cancer.   There aren’t a lot of front-line colon cancer treatments.  My aggressive cancer blew thru all the front-line treatments in a smidgen over a year.   I was hoping to gain years off these chemo drugs but that isn’t going to be the case.   After my oncologist suggested that he wouldn’t leave his loved one on my current chemo the decision in my mind was done.  I will be taking the opportunity to try this drug trial.  I signed the informed consent papers and started the litany of tests that are required to gain acceptance to the trial.   I will have lots of bloodwork, scans and another liver biopsy in the next 2 weeks.   With some luck I will be accepted and start the trial on February 2nd.   This is a phase 1 expansion trial, so the goals of the trial don’t include efficacy of the drugs but merely safety and side effects.   Regardless, I am hoping that stability and even a smidgen of cancer killing is in my future.  


 I have had some pain start in the past week.   The pain is right sided, shoulder and rib pain that is indicative of liver pain.   Probably because I have been off chemo for over a month now.  I am hoping the pain subsides with the new treatment and my new normal doesn’t have to require pain medication.   Otherwise, I am keeping my spirits up and doing just fine.   I enjoyed all the extra time with the kids over the school holiday.  We are all hoping for an earlier spring and for me to be vaccinated so we can all start to lead a more normal life.  



I love you all! 


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