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Jun 13-19

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I’ve settled into my daily radiation treatments. They’re really quick, which is nice, but the stomach troubles it causes are not. 

At my treatment today my radiation therapist said I needed to go directly up to see my medical oncologist. Seeing as I just had a CT, this message really got me nervous. In hindsight me worrying about tumor growth made the news I got instead easier to swallow. I need more chemo. But not because of tumor growth. This chemo, which is the same as I had before but in pill form, will work alongside my radiation to make it more effective. Unfortunately, I will have to have double the dose. 

My oncologist explained that from the beginning he hasn’t looked at me as a short-term fix. Due to the advanced stage of my cancer I’ve got to think of this more of a 5-year plan. If I can get to 5 years, he has succeeded. 

So tomorrow I will begin chemo.... again, along with radiation, weekly blood work and appointments. 

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