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Site created on January 30, 2021

Soon-to-be-survivor of stage 3c colon cancer!!!

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Journal entry by Ginia Oehlschlager

When I walked out the hospital doors on Wednesday I thought I wouldn’t be back until June. I had about three hours of freedom before I learned that I needed more treatment. Honestly, that call rocked my world more than the initial diagnosis. 

Instead of June I found myself walking back in those doors about 48 hours later. I listened while my new radiation oncologist told me that I need 6 weeks of five days a week radiation. He said the tumor board of around 20 doctors all agreed that this has to be. My age, cancer stage and the strange location of my tumor makes this my best shot. 

If my math is right then my new freedom date will be around July 4th. Matt and I both have peace about the decision even though it really stinks. 

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