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Jun 13-19

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Just a quick update to let you know that yesterday Eric was admitted to the hospital. We both believe this is actually a good thing.  
He has not eaten for weeks at this point.  We have been trying since last week to get him scheduled for the PEG tube.  

He has been in excruciating pain and, with the help of my pharmacist neighbor, Gretel, who told me what medications to fight for, I was able to get him some relief Saturday night.  However, they were still keeping the dose low and he was still in such pain. 

Now that we are in the hospital, because he is under constant supervision, they were willing to give him the higher doses.  He is also getting constant hydration.  He feels and looks much better.  They are letting me stay with him 24x7 because I am his voice. 

We are still waiting on the PEG tube surgery. It was scheduled for this evening but his Blood pressure was high and most importantly, his ability to clot was too low. They are now giving him plasma, Vitamin K and finally adding dextrose (sugar) to his hydration.  Hoping tomorrow he can get the surgery.  

Looks like we may be in the hospital for a few more days.  Your prayers for Eric to get strong enough for the surgery and get the PEG tube are appreciated.  

We have always known we were blessed with a wonderful family and incredible friends.  However, going through this we can really see it.  Thank you for all your support!

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