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So sad this happening. Thank you for letting us be a silent partner on this journey with you.
Jim and Ruth Graham | Oct 24, 2019
We are so sorry you have to fight this fight. You are not alone. You are loved.
Judy and Craig Lindholm | Oct 25, 2019
Men's Fellowship at ST Clare's will be praying for you; may God be with you and your family.
Bruce & Barb Grattan | Oct 25, 2019
Thank you for keeping us updated. Our spirits are with you both.
Mary and Larry killoran | Nov 2, 2019
Nate and Elise, you are champions showing how couples can battle adversity together. We admire you both. Praying for a full recovery. You keep smiles on your faces and make other people smile.
John and Nancy | Nov 5, 2019
I feel honored to do this on Elise’s name! She is real hero!!! Oxoxxooxoxox Mary 'louise' Rempfer
Mary 'Louise' Rempfer | Dec 30, 2019
Dear Elise I think of you daily, as you are in my prayers. The healing power of God will get you through this latest crisis. I so look forward to seeing you back in yoga. It really is not the same without you. Stay strong in the Lord. I miss seeing you.
Your friend Richard | Dec 31, 2019
Elise, you are a rock star and a hero. Thinking of you and Nate always.
John and Nancy Graham | Jan 5, 2020
HEY, ELISE! Great news! Keep us the good work! I will be it is good to be home with your folks and Fletch! We are rooting for you! Linda Cohn
Linda and Doug Cohn | Feb 10, 2020
Elise, keep up your can do spirit. You are one 'tough challenge' winner. Nathan, thanks for your diligent journal entries.
Fritz Oppenlander | Mar 12, 2020