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Mar 07-13

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Great news to share today!  Elise met with her doctor this morning at Mayo to review the results of her bone marrow biopsy - LEUKEMIA FREE!!  This is obviously fantastic news and the ideal outcome of the stem cell transplant process and we are overjoyed.  Sarah's bone marrow is kicking some serious tail!  She still has some hurdles/challenges to deal with in the coming weeks, but those pale in comparison to the the alternative outcome.

I just want to share my continued amazement of Elise's fight, spirit, and attitude!  As I told everyone in October, Elise is tough and resilient and if anyone can overcome it it'd be her!  So proud of my wife!!   I am also so thankful for the support from everyone during this journey - we never felt alone and knew we had an army of folks praying for her!  Special thank you to Tim and Lynn who have been absolutely incredible in their generosity and unwavering support!

She will stay in up at her folks through May at least, thanks COVID-19, but we will be looking to throw a party once she can come back to Tucson and it's safe to interact again. 

God is good all the time! 

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