Thoughts & Well Wishes

Connie Hannah | Jan 14, 2020
Dear Elise, Nathan and all,

My sincere daily prayers continue for all who are assisting the efforts for Elise and her fight for wellness. Though we've never met, it is clear the strength you all have, and great love for one another. This Brittany woman affirms it to me, as well. 🤗 I am inspired by you all. 

Love and prayers,
Britt's Connie 
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Connie Hannah | Dec 25, 2019
Dear Elise, Fletch and Nathan,

I send you my deepest regards, as always. Elise, as a cancer survivor, (9 years, hallelujah!) want you to know, I get it, to a degree I never would have before my running up against the seemingly concrete wall of a serious diagnosis. Stage...4. Blood born... You are on it, working, battling the reality of the moment. My love to you, Fletcher, Nathan and all family and friends. Keep rocking it! Britt's Connie 💖
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Latisha Smith | Oct 28, 2019
Please know that I am praying hard for you and Nathan.  I am so sorry that you are going through this.  As always, I am in awe of your strength and courage.  You are such a strong woman!  I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and love your way!  
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