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May 09-15

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Hi, everyone:

I had a one-month checkup today at the Mayo Clinic - blood tests, and meetings with the Pharmacist, Nurse Practitioner, Fellow Doctor (in training) and Dr. Alkhateeb.

The blood test results were all good and I told them that I am feeling great!  Dr. Alkhateeb said I should just stay on the same meds and keep doing what I’m doing.  I will start getting my childhood vaccinations again (they were wiped out with my transplant), and I can have my first annual dental appointment again since 2019.  This is progress! 

I will have another phlebotomy (“blood letting”) in a few weeks at Methodist Hospital to reduce my iron levels) and another bone marrow biopsy, chest CT scan, and pulmonary function test at Mayo in late May or early June.

I have had both Moderna vaccination shots two weeks ago, so I was able to celebrate my Dad’s 96th birthday yesterday and hug him and my family for the first time in over a year!  🤗 ❤️ I have also played and walked 9 holes of golf five times (about 3 miles each) and walked 18 holes last Saturday (about 6 miles).  My golf game sucks but I’m just happy to be back out there with my friends after missing all of last year!  It’s so nice to feel “normal” again! 😁 Hope springs eternal for the future (a quote from The Magnificent Caregiver)!

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