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UPDATE: Eddie is undergoing rehab at Capistrano Beach Care Center. Please email cow.a.sherry@gmail.com if you would like to visit.
On February 21, 2019, Eddie suffered a hemorrhagic stroke caused by hypertension. It ruptured small arteries primarily on the left side of his brain. His coordination, speech, and temperature regulation may be compromised. Shortly after being admitted to the ER, small tubes were inserted in each side of his brain to drain the blood. Six days after the stroke, the left tube was removed. By this time, Eddie had developed pneumonia as well as multiple blood clots in his arms and legs. An IVC filter was implanted on the 28th to capture blood clots traveling from his legs. At this point, we were told by the doctor that Eddie’s life was no longer in danger. On day 10 in the ICU, Eddie was finally extubated and started uttering some words in a raspy voice. The following day, the doctor removed the right tube from his brain. Eddie was able to say few sentences and brushed his teeth with his left hand with assistance. By the end of the day, however, his responsiveness was weak. It turned out that there was more bleeding that took place. Essentially, he had suffered another stroke. Eddie was trembling, non-communicative and running a fever for a couple of days. However, two days of EEG records and numerous tests showed there were no signs of seizure nor infections. After sixteen days in the ICU, Eddie had finally graduated to the PCSU (Progressive Care Stroke Unit). By this time, his pneumonia had gotten better, and he was able to move his left limbs slightly and nod. Eddie was able to recognize his wife, form short sentences, and move his left limbs. But for the most part, he was very drowsy during the day and more alert during night. After about a week in the PCSU, Eddie was able to sit on a wheelchair and his appetite had increased. He has shown many signs of recovery, including humming to his favorite songs. However, there is still a long way to go.  In March 18th, Eddie will be given a higher dose of blood thinner through his IV to prevent the blood clots in his arms from traveling to his lungs. It is a risky procedure since it could result in more bleeding in his brain. If all goes well, Eddie will be monitored for few more days in the PCSU, then be transferred into a Skilled Nursing Facility, where he’ll be receiving more rehab services. It’s been a tumultuous journey so far and yet this is only the beginning. We have a long way towards recovery. We are truly blessed to receive so much support. We kindly ask that you would continue to keep Eddie in your thoughts and prayers. If it’s not too much to ask, we would love to receive your close-up photos of you/ your family so we could compile an album or poser for Eddie to look at. Please email to: cow.a.sherry@gmail.com (mailto:cow.a.sherry@gmail.com). Thank you in advance.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Judy Kawashiri

Along with the fatigue issue, Eddie's immunity has been not so great, unfortunately. He has been catching colds on and off for the last couple months. Despite the fact that his white and red blood cell count are low, the hemotologist thinks it's nothing to be alarmed.

I've been trying to boost his immunity with supplements. We are mindful of his food intake, making sure he gets plenty of vegetables and fruits in relationship with meat (organic whenever possible). He drinks primarily water throughout the day, occasionally green tea at mid-day and tart cherry juice before bed. He's never been good about drinking plain water as he was a beer drinker prior to his stroke. So pushing water has been a challenge. We drink smoothie with plenty of berries and twelve various fruits and vegetables as well as turmeric soup every morning. We mostly cook at home, occasionally eat pre-made food from Trader Joe's. I've cut down salt and sugar intake drastically. I've been researching so much on food, I feel as though I'm taking a crash course on nutrition.

We are continuing to keep up with Eddie's physical activity. He does his exercise and walking routine with our boys. We started implementing breathing exercises. He could improve on his balance and flexibility, strength and posture. Although, his stiffness has always been an issue. 

Eddie has been helping us with chores around the house. As I mentioned in our previous posting, our dishwasher broke down. So we've been doing dishes by hand. The boys would take turns washing, Eddie would dry and I would put away the dishes. Eddie is quite good at it and starting to remember where the dishes belong. He's also getting very skilled at folding laundries. Every now and then, he sweeps and do gardening with us.

I try to have my boys be involved in caring for Eddie as much as possible. However, they're still young and we are all learning through trial and error. One day while I was running errands, Eddie was having a hard time getting up from his nap. So Ryan tried tickling him. Eddie wouldn't get up so then he tried waking him up by aiming lights with flashlights. Eddie got mad and irritated. He threw a glass cup with water at Ryan missing him by few inches. Luckily, nobody got hurt. But Ryan was upset that he had to clean up all the mess.

Evan had put together a play list of Eddie's favorite songs from the 60's and 70's. We play his music while he does the puzzle on the iPad. He's proficient at 64 pieces. We play card games and try exercising math skills with cards. His writing skills are improving at baby steps. Fortunately, he is able to read, however, his comprehension is rather weak. 

We haven't had Eddie start on the biofeedback/Neurofeedback sessions yet. I feel we need to improve his stamina and get a better handle of the fatigue issue first. Eddie is consulting with a Naturopathic Doctor and getting more tests done. He'll probably have to do some sleep analysis as well. He still wakes up few times a night. Therefore my quality of sleep is affected as well. I'm learning that poor sleep does a number on ones health. I started consulting with a different Naturopathic Doctor for my health issues. Ryan has been battling with some skin issues. He's getting some allergy tests done.

We are hanging in there. Although at times it could be overwhelming, we are trying to take it one day at a time and count our blessings. Thank you for your love and support. We wish every one of you
A Happy Thanksgiving! 
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