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Site created on March 17, 2019

UPDATE: Eddie is undergoing rehab at Capistrano Beach Care Center. Please email cow.a.sherry@gmail.com if you would like to visit.
On February 21, 2019, Eddie suffered a hemorrhagic stroke caused by hypertension. It ruptured small arteries primarily on the left side of his brain. His coordination, speech, and temperature regulation may be compromised. Shortly after being admitted to the ER, small tubes were inserted in each side of his brain to drain the blood. Six days after the stroke, the left tube was removed. By this time, Eddie had developed pneumonia as well as multiple blood clots in his arms and legs. An IVC filter was implanted on the 28th to capture blood clots traveling from his legs. At this point, we were told by the doctor that Eddie’s life was no longer in danger. On day 10 in the ICU, Eddie was finally extubated and started uttering some words in a raspy voice. The following day, the doctor removed the right tube from his brain. Eddie was able to say few sentences and brushed his teeth with his left hand with assistance. By the end of the day, however, his responsiveness was weak. It turned out that there was more bleeding that took place. Essentially, he had suffered another stroke. Eddie was trembling, non-communicative and running a fever for a couple of days. However, two days of EEG records and numerous tests showed there were no signs of seizure nor infections. After sixteen days in the ICU, Eddie had finally graduated to the PCSU (Progressive Care Stroke Unit). By this time, his pneumonia had gotten better, and he was able to move his left limbs slightly and nod. Eddie was able to recognize his wife, form short sentences, and move his left limbs. But for the most part, he was very drowsy during the day and more alert during night. After about a week in the PCSU, Eddie was able to sit on a wheelchair and his appetite had increased. He has shown many signs of recovery, including humming to his favorite songs. However, there is still a long way to go.  In March 18th, Eddie will be given a higher dose of blood thinner through his IV to prevent the blood clots in his arms from traveling to his lungs. It is a risky procedure since it could result in more bleeding in his brain. If all goes well, Eddie will be monitored for few more days in the PCSU, then be transferred into a Skilled Nursing Facility, where he’ll be receiving more rehab services. It’s been a tumultuous journey so far and yet this is only the beginning. We have a long way towards recovery. We are truly blessed to receive so much support. We kindly ask that you would continue to keep Eddie in your thoughts and prayers. If it’s not too much to ask, we would love to receive your close-up photos of you/ your family so we could compile an album or poser for Eddie to look at. Please email to: cow.a.sherry@gmail.com (mailto:cow.a.sherry@gmail.com). Thank you in advance.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Judy Kawashiri

Eddie has gone through numerous evaluations from variety of therapists at the Acute Rehab Center in Mission Hospital. The anticipated discharge date is 4/26/19, Friday. Although Eddie will be able to perform everyday occupational activities, he will still need supervision on a 24hr basis. He will not be able to drive. MRI was taken yesterday to evaluate the need of the shunt implant. I'm leaning more towards going for the procedure. He is basically a three year old in a 64 year old body at this stage, unfortunately. He is showing improvements in his mobility, speech and writing, however, he gets very confused, distracted and can't retain/remember information. Eddie was asked by the speech therapist what Evan does. He learns that Evan is working towards being a DJ. He then was asked what I, Judy, does for living. Eddie replies that she's a DJ as well!
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