Thoughts & Well Wishes

Waymond Lew | Jul 16, 2019
thanks for sharing the tough times and the candid times and the good times...i know times are tough now and have been for what might seem an endless journey....but all of you have striving to help one another in the best that you can....dont hesitate to reach out to us when you need a shoulder to hang onto or an assisting ear to listen to ....way
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Waymond Lew | Mar 23, 2019
Keep on Keeping on, my dear friend. Every advance you make is good news and while there may be many challenges ahead, be assured that my thoughts and prayers will accompany all along the way. Upward and onward, be strong and remain optimistic!  Your buddy, Waymond
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Michael Thurman | Mar 18, 2019
Sending our best to Eddie from the Thurman family.  We hope the procedure goes well today and that you continue your recovery as quickly as possible. 

I also want Eddie to know that when I was wrestling for Mr. Furuta at SPHS from 1972 to 1975, we all learned the "Kawashiri trick," a brilliant but dangerous move Eddie would use to pin his opponents.  Because it was so risky, I never tried it in high school, but used it successfully my sophomore year in college in the final match of our intramural tournament.  I will always credit Eddie for helping me win my only wrestling championship, which was one of my proudest achievements.

Best wishes,

Mike Thurman
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Susan Downing | Mar 18, 2019
Hi Kiyo, I'm so glad you are making improvements! I've called on our Mighty Universe, your Guardian Angels, the eternal Love of God to pay special healing attention on YOU and your beautiful family. You are in my thoughts daily. Be strong, have faith, stay positive. You are going to get through this! I love you brother.  ♡ 
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