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May 09-15

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Hey everyone, happy mother's day! Luke and I went to visit mom today. She was very happy to see us! We wished her a happy mother's day and gave her flowers and two cards. We were shocked to see that she could read the cards just fine. That's great improvement!
We talked about family and current events. Something I noticed is that she is much less tired than before. I remember a when we had to visit Deb in the early afternoon at the latest. Otherwise she was too tired to pay attention. Deb has been active during the daylight hours now. Her speech is steadily improving. She had a few memory mess ups, like forgetting Luke was married and thinking Grandpa Palmer was still alive. She was a bit frustrated that she was in a wheelchair. She said she can walk just fine, but she is required to have someone nearby in case she falls. We told her that her balance needs more time to improve. We just don't want to hear that she fell and hit her head. Deb said she understood. We assured her that she will come home soon. Maybe July, but we can't promise anything. 
Hopefully sometime I can witness how well Deb can walk. I'll report on that when I do. Otherwise just another good week. I'll see her next weekend and get back to all of you. Thanks and happy mother's day!

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