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Journal entry by Elias Floan

Hey everyone. It's been two weeks since my last post. Sorry for the long wait, I had a schedule error where I couldn't go see Deb last weekend. Gary has been down there several times in the last two weeks, hasn't really told me much about her. My Aunt Sue and my Great Aunt Janny have been visiting her too. Today, I went down to Albert Lea to finally see Deb. 
Gary and I got about 50 minutes to meet and talk to Deb. She seemed about the same as before. Speaks very well, spoke some nonsense but most of her conversations made sense. Deb still thinks that she's in Zumbrota but we corrected her. She thinks she has papers to grade, and kept talking about a funeral she attended. We asked what funeral and she said the Peterson funeral. We had to keep correcting her but she swore we were there with her. After that we brought up Luke and Linnea on FaceTime and had a family chat for about 40 minutes. We discovered that Deb has good recollection of things before her hemorrhage. But anything that happened after February 14, it's a mixed bag of reality and fantasy. We assessed that Deb has gotten a bit better since two weeks ago. There's still a long road ahead, but dad believes the more we talk to her, the more clear her memory will be. It's going to take many months, so just have to keep working at it. 
Deb has been able to walk around on a walker and has improved mobility. She can pick herself up off the wheelchair and go to the bathroom too. She does all this under supervision, but still good news. We think Deb will have to spend at least two more months there until she's ready to go home. She told us she really wants to go back home and return to normal. 
One thing she has retained this whole time is her sense of humor. Gary was making jokes and making Deb laugh a lot. It's those moments that make me really happy. 
It's the slow roll to recovery now. If there are any major developments I will post them quickly. Keep getting better mom!
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