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Oct 17-23

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Wanted to give an update. We have had a busy week. Saturday Feb. 2nd David received his Melphane chemo to reset his body. Sunday, one day of rest.  Monday was a challenge, he had to be at Seattle Cancer care alliance @ 7:45am and of course we had snow. We made it safely and he was able to get half (3 bags) of the stem cells. Unfortunately David was taken over with nausea. The team felt it would be better for David to be admitted to UW hospital to be monitored and get help with nausea. Tuesday’s stem cells went better - no throwing up... day 0-0 so Happy Birthday. Wednesday they started to move him off the IV anti-nausea medication to pills so hopefully it will work. He started feeling more sick last night so we shall see if they will discharge him today or tomorrow (not looking forward to more snow ) Keep the prayers coming everyday is a new day.   

Thank you for all of your prayers and support we wouldn’t be able to do it without it.

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