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February 7, 2019

Wanted to give an update. We have had a busy week. Saturday Feb. 2nd David received his Melphane chemo to reset his body. Sunday, one day of rest.  Monday was a challenge, he had to be at Seattle Cancer care alliance @ 7:45am and of course we had snow. We made it safely and he was able to get half (3 bags) of the stem cells. Unfortunately David was taken over with nausea. The team felt it would be better for David to be admitted to UW hospital to be monitored and get help with nausea. Tuesday’s stem cells went better - no throwing up... day 0-0 so Happy Birthday. Wednesday they started to move him off the IV anti-nausea medication to pills so hopefully it will work. He started feeling more sick last night so we shall see if they will discharge him today or tomorrow (not looking forward to more snow ) Keep the prayers coming everyday is a new day.   

Thank you for all of your prayers and support we wouldn’t be able to do it without it.


January 31, 2019

January 30th

Well we finally got the news we have been waiting for, David is cleared for the Stem Cell transplant. It’s been a long road, testing and preparations.  This is the 5th time it’s been scheduled. So needless to say it’s been nerve racking to say the least. Today was an oral check. David has under gone multiple procedures on a tooth, and they finally had to pull it. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since it was pulled and the infection is under control now. 

David got the OK, so Saturday, February 2nd they will do Melphane chemo which will get him ready to get his stem cells back. (Basically it is killing everything but vital organs). He is using his own stem cells which they harvested in December. If you want to geek out he is having an Autologous transplant.  David will be without an immune system for 100 days. The risk for infection is the biggest for 30-40 days and he will need 24 hour care. 

Seattle Cancer Care alliance does the Auto transplant as an out patient, so I will be nurse Nancy & caregiver rolled into one. With daily appointments, so I will be quite busy while I am off work. 

Thank you for everyone’s support & prayers, please keep them coming. 

Mary Kay


September 15 - Update

David had his chemo appointment this week and got good news. The results bone biopsy he had the week before shows He’s in a remission state with his multiple myeloma. So now we will start the process of meeting with the Swedish cancer team regarding a stem cell transplant. So to me it’s all good news and if we can have the stem cell transplant put them into a remission for a longer period of time that will be a huge blessing. He also needs to get a PET scan first to see how his spine is doing, and to see if any of the fractures have started to heal. Hopefully insurance will approve that. So now it a lot of hurry up and wait. He will continue with chemo until it’s time to harvest his stem cells. He has a long road ahead and the transplant is not easy but I know he can do it. I know the prayers have been working thank you so much for love and support. All of things have help David to get through these last 5 months.


August 14 2018

July was a busy month, David has moved from a walker, to hiking/walking sticks. He takes it slow but he’s moving around easier and easier.  David finished with daily radiation in July, with no huge side effects except extreme fatigue. He is moving off 24 hour pain management so note to self withdrawals are not fun. But he would like to take one less medication and see how the radiation helped with pain. He’s been doing monthly Zometa to help with building his bones. He is on weekly chemo injections along with daily chemo pill.  They are watching his numbers and hoping they continue to get better. So here’s to continued baby steps to squeezing the cancer!!! 
Thank you so much for support and prayers. 


June 14th Update

Thursday June 14th

David has been home since May 17th, we are getting into the new normal around the house. He has been able to now walk around the block every other day. Which is great, he walks with the walker to make sure he doesn’t trip and fall. He has chemo treatment once a week at the Polyclinic along with a daily pill at home.  

Last week he had CT scans, David has a radiology appointment this upcoming Monday about his tumors and which ones they are going to use radiation on. So hopefully we will get a game plan at his appointment next week at Swedish and get that started. 
Thank you so much for the calls, dinners, prayers and support. We wouldn’t be able to do it with out our village of support. 



Friday - May 18th

Yesterday, David was able to go home from the hospital. David spend over two weeks on the rehab floor.  He had OT & PT for three hours (two sessions for each OT & PT) throughout the day.

Last night we were able to watch the Mariner game together as a family.

Today an in-home nurse came to do an assessment, and PT/OT is getting scheduled today for in-home.

Next Tuesday is David's first oncologist appointment at the Poly Clinic to start his chemo treatments. (Infusion and pills)

Hopefully we can get a good routine for David here at home. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.


May 10 - update

We are having family training today and will have more next week here at Cherry Hill rehab center where David is.  After a round table meeting, David is not being discharged tomorrow, he still needs to get stronger and be able to do more and have the pain managed. 
They are no looking at him going home next Thursday, (5/17). Hopefully David will have more tools in his tool belt to navigate being at home by then.
Please keep the prayers coming so we can have all good days on improving.


Thursday - May 3

David finally got moved to rehab Tuesday. Yesterday he had an okay day, but got too dizzy and his blood pressure went up.  He had been on an IV while on the regular spine floor and I think his calcium levels got too high and didn't get enough water.  Hopefully today he can make more progress, then we can find out how long he will be in rehab.  Most likely a week in rehab.  We will have a better idea this Friday.

Thank you for the continued prayers, please keep them coming. David is two weeks into chemo with a weekly chemo shot.  Every day is a new journey.  David will have more chemo pills once he is discharged.