This site is such a wonderful help to family and friends! Thank you for this site and Sheryl's amazing communications!
Mary and Laird Mott (Kittleso | Mar 14, 2019
Praying for all you are asking for. We love and appreciate you both.
David Klasna | Feb 8, 2019
Praying without ceasing!!!!
Jolene Pace | Feb 7, 2019
Dear Dave and Sheryl: I’m praying and lifting you both up. You have an army of prayer warriors. Love you guys. Rod and Paulette(Hammerstrom) Spath
Paulette And Rod | Jan 27, 2019
Harry Edward Eustice | Dec 28, 2018
Tammy Moore | Dec 4, 2018
David & Pam Klasna | Nov 15, 2018
We think of you and pray for healing and strength . are are true champ, and we love you both.
BARRY W JACKSON | Nov 9, 2018
It must feel wonderful to finally be home. I hope things will continue to improve
Juanita Kohfeldt | Sep 18, 2018
Carol Cole | Sep 9, 2018