Thoughts & Well Wishes

Lynford Smith | Jan 2, 2019
Hi Dave and Sheryl,

Happy New Year!  I do mean a better new year with all of God's grace and healing.  You continue to be in our prayers and thoughts.  Loretta and I have had many conversations of concern and love for you.  God has a purpose for giants of faith in times of test.  The words of Joshua ring loudly, "Be strong and courageous."  I am sure you know God loves you and He trusts your faith in Him to remain faithful to Him.  Walking with you as best we know how.  Love and peace,  Lyn and Loretta
Grant Wells | Dec 3, 2018
 Dave and Sheryl, thanks for the update today about finishing the radiation. Rejoicing with you guys from afar. I hope you feel hugged across the miles. You guys continue to be heroic examples to all of us. Thanks for allowing us to see "Behind the scenes". It really does help us to know how to pray. 

Love you guys so much

G& L
Barry Jackson | Oct 27, 2018
The Livestrong Foundation provides support for cancer survivors and their families. Last Sunday I rode 100 miles in the 2018 LiveStrong Challenge in Austin Texas to honor two of my friends...Chris Colaris and David Gehrls. I love you Dave , and carried your name every mile of the way. You strive on and we'll do some miles together when you are able!
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Barry Jackson | Oct 16, 2018
A hearty 'thank you and carry on' to you Sheryl....your thorough and understandable description of Dave's status is much appreciated. I am grateful that Dave has such a steadfast woman by his side....and that his medical caregivers have done so well, the forgotten wire not withstanding! We love you both. Keep getting stronger, Dave....a lot of folks pulling for you!
Lynford Smith | Aug 1, 2018
WOW!  Do I know the shock of a challenge like this.  God is so much bigger than this.  It is the beginning redefining God's Grace over and over again, ever expanding.  The oneness of a married couple makes the pain real for both.  It's hard to define it in words because of the miracle of joining to hearts into one.  He is real and He is the primary source for all we need in these times.  Love to both of you.  My heart aches for you.  Our prayers will continue.
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