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Dan has served with Youth for Christ for over 45 years, first with the local YFC program, and now with YFC USA. He serves as an Ambassador with the Global Engagement team. His desire is to recruit and encourage the next generation of youth leaders.

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Journal entry by Dan Boycott

After a day of unresponsiveness, my dad went to his eternal home to be with the Lord around 1:40 am. He went peacefully in his sleep--hopefully in the boat he was looking for on Tuesday! Thank you for all of your prayers and support throughout the time of his illness. We read all of the messages sent to him last night, and we know that he felt your love (as did we). He will be very missed by many, many people. We are sad but know that we will see him again one day. 

Please pray for restful sleeps tonight for all of us.

He requested donations to his favorite organization to help continue the work he did for over 45 years - Youth for Christ International. You can donate online at www.yfci.org/danboycott. 

An informal visitation will take place on Friday June 15 from 6 pm-8 pm. The memorial service will take place on Saturday June 16 at 11 am. Both will be at First Alliance Church 2201 Old Higbee Mill Road Lexington, KY 40514.
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Grant Bartlett | Jun 10, 2018
So appreciated Dan's positive faithfulness over the many years I've known him. His loyalty to YFC through all the highs and lows is a tribute to his trust in Jesus in every situation.
many great memories longer from our times together.
Continuing to pray for you Paula and the family.
Grant and Shirley
Mike and Carol Welty | Jun 8, 2018
Dear Paula, Tim and Amy,
We rejoice with you at Dan's release from suffering and at the same time we mourn with you at the loss of a wonderful man of God.  Our prayers are with you as you take care of all the arrangements and decisions at this time.  You know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during these days.  We're praying for a refreshing time of rest for all of you.
Leigh Taylor | Jun 6, 2018
Dan and Paula please know that you are on our minds all the time. Dan it has been a pleasure to call you my brother-in-law. I am really kind of speechless. Thank you for devout attention to the youth of this world. Prayers for continued peace for the family.
Love you all
Jerry and Joanna Otis | Jun 6, 2018

Paula and Family,
We have spent no small time in prayer for Dan and you and the family and will continue to do so.  We are encouraged to see  the confident spirit that all of you are displaying as Dan approaches heaven's gate.  It is a testimony of your great faith and trust in the Lord who is the Resurrection and the Life.  I know that times you must weep but certainly your tears are with great hope.  Thanks for being a blessing to us!

Art Deyo | Jun 4, 2018
Hey Dan,
I just heard about your situation since I'm not on Facebook. I will keep you in prayer every day. I thank God for the way he has used you so greatly in Youth For Christ. Those verses Paula shared in Phil 2 are my same life verses! Truth is, you have nothing to be ashamed of, and you can rejoice in the fact that Christ has been magnified and glorified in your body over all these years. I praise God for our friendship. 
all for Him,
Lorna Metzger | Jun 4, 2018
What an inspiration you have been Dan to all who know you.  To think I've known you since you were a young teenager in YFC in Ontario and to watch you mature and become the spiritual leader you are and have been for many, many years has been such a blessing. Thank you for being obedient to the call of God on your life. You, Paula and family are all in my prayers as you walk this difficult journey. May God comfort you and sustain you and may you have special moments with family and friends. Love and prayers.  
Carla Brogden | Jun 3, 2018
You and your family have been much in my thoughts and prayers lately and I appreciate the information sending me to your Caring Bridge site. I have found this site very helpful in knowing how to pray for and communicate with friends and loved ones all over without bothering you with emails and texts.
I still hope to make a trip to visit but know that if you enter your heavenly reward you will be rejoicing with your Savior. You are one of the best men I have ever known and count your friendship as a special gift. I love Paula and your children and pray for all of you as no matter your preparations, I know this road is not easy to walk. love you so much.