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After months of having an upset stomach and visits to various doctors' offices, my dad received a diagnosis: stage 4 colon cancer.  The results of a PET scan last week (May 22) revealed that his cancer had spread to his liver.   From that point, we met with his oncologist and he walked us through the next few months.  Various treatments, hospital visits, and surgeries fill our future.  We love you all so much and appreciate the prayers and support throughout this whole process.  I will do my best to update this site periodically as we receive updates so you all can stay in the loop.  We are excited to start treatments so we can kick cancer's booty! - Alex

Newest Update

Journal entry by Alexandria Harrell

During my Dad’s surgery last Wednesday, they removed 39 lymph nodes to test if the cancer had spread anywhere. 39 lymph nodes tested, 39 lymph nodes 100% cancer free!!!!! Time to celebrate! He is going to begin his final rounds of chemo EVER in about 3 weeks just to make sure we remain all good.

Thank you all for the prayers!!!💜

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