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After months of having an upset stomach and visits to various doctors' offices, my dad received a diagnosis: stage 4 colon cancer.  The results of a PET scan last week (May 22) revealed that his cancer had spread to his liver.   From that point, we met with his oncologist and he walked us through the next few months.  Various treatments, hospital visits, and surgeries fill our future.  We love you all so much and appreciate the prayers and support throughout this whole process.  I will do my best to update this site periodically as we receive updates so you all can stay in the loop.  We are excited to start treatments so we can kick cancer's booty! - Alex

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Journal entry by Alexandria Harrell

Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone! There have been a few new developments with my dad’s journey back to health that I want to update you all on. A couple weeks ago he began experiencing sharp, unbearable stomach pains. After being seen in the ER, he was told he has gallstones. At first, the plan was to put off the removal of the gallbladder until after his chemo treatments were complete. However, as his pain continued, they have now scheduled his gallbladder removal surgery for this Wednesday November 21. He will be in and out of the hospital that day. His next chemo treatment will be on December 12. What a whirlwind this has been. Have I mentioned my dad has been attending work every day and even going down to Bloomington with my brother for a game last week with all of this happening?? He is the dictionary definition of a rock star. We are all hoping his pain from the gallstones will hold off until Wednesday when they will be removed. He is keeping us all in awe and showing us what it means to persevere and hold strong in his faith! Please continue spreading the word and praying for my dad and his comfort and healing! We love you all.

PS - if you are on the south side of Indy and want something to do thanksgiving morning before eating way too much, our family’s annual fun run/walk is in Craig park! My Facebook page has more details. Check it out or message me to see how to get involved.

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