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Welcome to Carol's CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. Carol's story is detailed on her website,

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Journal entry by Elizabeth Lasko

Dear friends,

Today is a sad milestone -- somehow it's already been six months since we lost Carol. It seems like a nice day to share a wonderful remembrance of Carol from her dear friend--her "co-pilot"--Jen Roos. Jen wrote these remarks for a memorial service for classmates of the Princeton Class of 1992 at their 30th reunion in May. Thank you Jen, for the beautiful words and for letting us share them here.

A short obituary of Carol along with her 1992 class picture was posted in the May issue of the Princeton Alumni publication: 

Sending best wishes to all - 
Elizabeth, Margaret, Lyn, and Anne Lyn

Super. Spectacular. Amazing. 

These words describe Carol, but these are also the words Carol would use to describe the friends around her. To Carol you were labeled “Sweet Eleanor”, “Spectacular Barbara”, “Amazing Irfan” or “Terrific Rick”. 

I met Carol freshman year at Princeton. Carol was a huge people person and like many others I was quickly scooped up into her wide network of what she referred to as “super friends”. We became roommates sophomore year in a rollicking suite of wonderful swim team women. We shared a room the size of a closet but Carol was the best possible roommate. She left humorous and supportive notes daily and was a deep listener who always truly understood and cared. Carol embraced her friends’ differences and passions and instituted a daily practice of sharing songs selected by friends to listen to. She loved classic rock but took the time to memorize the lyrics to “Bust a Move” by Young MC just to please her roommate and she loved any opportunity to go out dancing to FoPo.

Carol adored Princeton and everything about it – even her dog was named Prince, short for Princeton. She loved Princeton’s community – thriving at Dial Elm Cannon and then later building lasting friendships at Tower Club. Carol always had lunch and dinner dates lined up and made friends left and right, including with my own friends majoring in architecture who she would make the unusual effort to visit as we were constantly holed up in the studio. Carol made a point throughout her life to know her friends’ friends, and everyone’s children as well. As a testament to Carol’s epic friendship abilities, both of my now college age sons considered Carol a close, dear friend throughout their youth and into young adulthood. 

Carol also shared her incredible parents and sisters with her loved ones. She enjoyed nothing more than to roll her eyes at those closest to her and to laugh even when she was frustrated. A consummate conversationalist, Carol was philosophical about life, clever and very funny. Her ability to laugh at life’s biggest (and smallest) challenges won her support at every turn. Carol later put to use her ability to find the humanity and humor in any situation literally while in the eye of the storm – cracking clever jokes even at the most dire moments. When Carol could not speak in the hospital she would scribble notes at a rapid pace and insist on being introduced to all around her, including nursing and maintenance staff who she would surprise weeks later by checking in about their families and children by name. 

Carol was Princeton tiger tough throughout her over 20 year grueling battle with brain and spinal tumors. She even continued to work out to humorous vintage exercise tapes until the very end. Continuing the legacy she began on campus, through her in-depth blog documenting her experience, she made hundreds of connections across the world uniting family, friends and survivors – so many of us whom she continually made feel super, spectacular and amazing. 

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