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May 09-15

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Good Evening,

Brian is back at it on the rehab unit as of yesterday. He moved back with a nasal cannula, but as the night progressed, he breathing got better and now he's doing well without. He will continue to receive antibiotics for a few more days so the IV remains in place. They are doing daily labs to track his liver enzymes (improving), kidney functions (low Bun/Creat), CBC (low HGB) , electrolytes (low potassium and CO2), procalcitonin (improving). Regular Glucose checks around meals. He is back on food again, but only pureed/thins. He doesn't enjoy it (still don't blame him there) and I still can't seem to convince him to eat and drink very easily to help keep him strong and heal faster. When I'm not there, I know he barely eats/drinks. He seems to understand the concept and the importance of nutrition when it's explained to him, but then he forgets soon after. He doesn't like it, he doesn't want to have to go to the bathroom, he doesn't want to eat in the living room, he'll eat in the next room or when he gets home, have been some of his excuses. I was hoping he'd turn a page and want to finally eat now that the gallbladder wasn't making him so sick. 

Man, was he mad yesterday when they moved him to back to rehab only to sit there most of the day and only have an hour of OT. He is ready to go! By the time 7-8 PM rolled around, he was back to wanting to just go home. This is a theme that he is steadfast on. He made quite the case for himself to just do therapy at home. He'll "prove" himself, he doesn't think we/they have his best interests in mind, he doesn't think this is the best pathway for him, asked me how long I want to be married and if I loved him. At one point when I was talking about all the reasons he needs to stay for a bit longer (for the 3rd time), he texted his mom and told her that I was holding him hostage. While I admire his creativity and sound arguments, it's also devastating to see him so confused and not understanding why he can't go home with us yet. Today was a much better day for his cognition, though did text me after I left to ask if I was picking him up on my way home. 

Right now, he gets OT, PT and speech once in the morning and once in the afternoon before dinner. The going home theme hits him around 7 PM, I vote for one more round of PT just before bedtime, please!

Happy Mother's Day to all the marvelous moms out there! Hugs to you all.





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