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Jun 13-19

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Hello all!
I'm home and thought I would do an update. No more back brace!!! i am really excited about that.  Becky suggested i take it to a shotgun range 😅 .  

Man, its' good to be home! Finally! Finally! Occupational, physical therapy and speech come by the house now a couple time a week. I told speech therapy that i was hoping to go to Nashvilel this fall to start my country music career so she has her work cut out for her!😆 

Still have to go to hospital and clinic for dr. meetings but good to sleep at home.

im keeping becky really busy around the house, i'm like having a newborn at home. all work but i dont cry nearly as much.  Thanks to her for putting up with me and all the extra work. iove her big time and i owe her!

Dr's say im doing well. i think so but i'm so impatient i want it to go even faster!

I am looking forward to getting out in boat, getting drivers lisc back, and meeting with customers again for work. It would just be good to be productive again!

Thanks to everyone who have been following along with my progress and all of the support of different kinds. 


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