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Sep 13-19

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Our family is so overwhelmed with the generosity and love showed to us since Bob's passing. The gifts, the cards, the meals, the calls and messages from all of our relatives and our other families, including our Immaculate Conception parish family, our Regnum Christi family here in Louisville, and also in Cincinnati and Atlanta, our St. Thomas Aquinas Homeschool family, our Corpus Christi Classical Academy Family, neighbors, and friends old and new. 

We are slowly working through the mound of paperwork and to-do lists that accompany a death. Elizabeth has returned to Georgia and the others are back to work. We all miss our dear Bob so much and keep hoping that this is a long business trip. But the reality is that it isn't and we all are grieving in our own way.

Your prayers, your gifts, your meals, your cards have made a huge difference in accepting our loss. It always reminds me of the line we would use when teaching openness to children to young couples: God cannot be outdone in generosity and He certainly hasn't failed now through the generosity you all have shown to my family. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for the continued prayers for our family. The grieving will continue, but the sadness is tinged with the joy of knowing that we will be united with Bob in the next life.

God bless,

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