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Site created on July 16, 2018

Bob was diagnosed with colorectal cancer June 27, 2018.  Surgery to remove the tumor is July 17, 2018 at Baptist Hospital in Louisville. Although the tumor is quite large, the surgeon is hopeful that the surgery is all that will be needed to rid the cancer from Bob's body, since there is no indication that it has spread further. Please keep us in your prayers. God bless you all!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Joan Stromberg

It has been an eventful couple of weeks. About two weeks ago (around Thanksgiving) Bob started experiencing some nausea and loss of appetite and some pretty severe fatigue. A few days later, he noticed his urine was a very dark yellow. He made an appointment to get his bloodwork drawn last Friday, December 6th. The bloodwork showed very high levels of bilirubin in his blood as well as other elevated liver enzymes. Since it was Friday, we couldn't get a ultrasound of the area until Monday. The oncologist suggested that it might be blocked bile ducts from his numerous tumors in the area, which is what the ultrasound showed.

At this point, Bob was in quite a bit of abdominal pain, also. We were actually returning to Louisville from Lexington on Monday when the oncologist called and said we should turn around and go to the emergency room at UK Chandler Hospital where he is located. 

Bob spent a night in the hallway of the Emergency Department, then another in an observation room in the ED, and finally last night, got a room in the hospital. Unfortunately, it took until today (Thursday) for the schedule in the GI department to free up and take Bob in to get some stents inserted in his bile ducts to drain the bilirubin buildup in his liver. Of course, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (and my oldest son and his bride's anniversary!) is a great day to hand things over to a higher power.

The procedure was successful and the stents are doing what they need to do. Bob is uncomfortable, but resting. We should be able to go home tomorrow. 

The GI doctors did warn us that there was damage to the liver because of the tumors that they could not repair, so it will not be back to normal, but it will be better. We were scheduled to go in for the immunotherapy chemo tomorrow, but that has been put on hold until Bob recovers and we meet with our oncologist.

Since I have not been home all week, my adult children have stepped in to help out, especially Maggie, who has been "mom" and sometimes teacher, to Mark, Cecelia and Thomas this week. Our homeschool community and our Regnum Christi family has also stepped in to help with meals and gas. My daughter, Elizabeth, drove up from Georgia to help us out too. Thank you to one and all. Sharing these hard times with fills me with gratitude to have you as part of my life. God bless!
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