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Feb 28-Mar 06

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Hi All!! Nancy here. I have to tell you something absolutely amazing. On Sunday, a group of friends from the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) came out and handled our yard work for us along with some other tasks. Bob was so surprised, humbled and we were very grateful for their help. This is just in time for a little snow this week and our yard has never looked this good before!! So, thanks guys for all the assistance. The dogs are a bit confused too as to what is happening. 

Anyway, within the past couple of days we kind of had a mini breakthrough, Bob has been able to eat a little bit more than what he has been. We don't jump over the moon, but we will take what we can get at this point. Not sure if it is the radiation or chemo that is working, but there has been a slight improvement in the eating department. 

Flip side of the mini breakthough is the news that even though bob has been with his company around 20 years, they will not subsidize our health benefits on long term disability. So it will cost us out of pocket over $2000 per month for family coverage. Plan B is in the works and it is not an easy choice but one we have to make. 

Let's keep the hope alive that this surgery will eventually happen for him.  I feel like we have been talking about that forever. 

That is the latest and greatest on him and I personally want to thank all of your for your donations to our Go Fund Me campaign along with those who have helped us with our tasks. You all mean the world to us. 


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