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Journal entry by Linn Dalgaard

Hello and happy spring almost summer.  Sorry the updates have been few to none it has been awhile.  Bill completed his rounds of chemo locally in the Twin Cities over the past couple of months. I was really waiting to update you all when we received an update for the blood work and CT scan which happened on May 28th with The Mayo Clinic to see what our next steps were going to be. So far to update you this is what has happened locally in the past couple of months: switching his chemo to a cousin of this first type of chemo mainly because of all the bad side effects he had with the first chemo they switched him after his first infusion.  The second type of chemo was good no side effects however he had a feeling it wasn't as effective he said he could tell just by how he was feeling internally. He ended up having a few blood transfusions due to low hemoglobin, liquid iron infusions and we even did some high dose vitamin C infusions through a private wellness clinic. Anything we can do at this time to help boost his immune system is always a good thing. It was a trying and very hard past couple of months.  

The months really flew by with all the Covid 19 things going on and all the unrest in the Minneapolis and St. Paul.  I was laid off from my job in May but I guess it could be a good thing I can go to his appointments with him and give him the care he needs daily. We were fortunate that Mayo was allowing one person to come in with each patient so I could be there to hear what will happen next. 

The news we received on May 28th was not good and kind of what we were expecting but never prepared to hear the first rounds of chemo did not work at all and the tumors have grown.  We met with a new Doctor who is suppose to be to top Doc in this field of cancer.  How we got so lucky we don't know but will take it.  He was positive and very knowledgable.  He switch Bill to a Folfoxiri which is 4 types of chemo meds.  3 are infused at the clinic on the first day and the 4th type is taken home in a small infusion pump he wears for 2 days (46 hours). He will complete 3 rounds of this every two weeks then they will do another CT scan and blood work to see how things are progressing. 

He started the new chemo this past Wednesday June 3rd at Mayo in Rochester.  It was another long day at the clinic but they run like a well oiled machine at Mayo, I am always impressed. I received some education on how to trouble shoot the pump and how to remove it from his port when it completes so it saves us a trip back.  He completed the at home infusion today June 5th around 3 pm and everything went great with unhooking it and getting it ready to send back.  So far we are hoping things stay good he hasn't had any side effects other than the chemo sweats.  He hasn't had any nausea and has had a good appetite we are hoping this stays the norm.  

We go back for blood work and another visit with the Doctor on June 16th and June 17th for chemo. And even before all this can happen Bill needs to have a Covid 19 test prior to each round so they are sure he doesn't have it. As if it isn't enough for people who have a life threatening disease they have to deal with stupid Covid too ugh!

On one of our trips we waited in the beautiful lobby between appointments with the grand piano playing a relaxing tune at The Mayo Clinic a great feeling of sadness came over me knowing most of the people around me were there for an illness and all I could think about was wouldn't it be wonderful if they all could be free of their illness and be able to return to their normal lives and I said a little prayer to god hoping that will come true...

Stay well, stay safe. Love to all.

Linn and Bill 
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