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Aug 09-15

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Hello everyone,


We received good news today regarding my mom! The tumors have stabilized, did not grow, and one even shrank ~10%. The ascites in her abdomen remained mild to moderate so it is stable too.


As you may recall, starting in early May 2020, my mom changed treatments to Tamoxifen/Megestrol because the Arimidex she had been on had ceased being effective. There was a 50/50 chance that the Tamoxifen/Megestrol would be effective and so far, so good. Her bloodwork looked good except for somewhat low sodium which can be easily dealt with. And the CA125 blood marker was 14, in the range it’s been in for quite some time and that’s good.


Next steps: My mom will have bloodwork/labs performed in 6 weeks and another scan in 3 months. We asked the doctor about how long the cancer may be stable and she responded that there is simply no way to know. This was true when my mom was on the Arimidex as well. We’ll take this as the result and keep rolling forward. We appreciate your continued prayers and support!


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