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Site created on February 7, 2020

Ben's wife Nicki writes "I can't thank all of you sufficiently. But thank you. You are one of Ben's greatest gifts right now to my family, and I appreciate all that you are doing, and will do. I am truly grateful."

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Nicki has asked for one person at a time to sit with her and we have that covered. Also the ICU is limiting drop offs, so please don’t bring food or other gifts without checking with us.
On the morning of Thursday February 6, 2020 Ben was in a car accident.  

He is unconscious at Providence's ICU in critical condition with head trauma.  He luckily has no broken bones, but needs a completely calm environment with no stimuli.  

We will know more when he awakens, so right now the Schneiders need a lot of prayers, positive thoughts and love.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Wendy Gorski

Ben’s Bike Playground at Mirror Lake Park is finished! This playground went from being an idea in Ben's-always-scheming-mind to a full fledged, professionally designed, family-friendly bike playground because of donations in part from you, his village.

The grand opening festival is on Saturday, June 4, from 11-2.  

Enjoy the live music, food trucks, root beer floats, pump track/jump line demos, CMBR led group rides, games, free kids bike checks and of course, as Ben would have–bring your family, bring your bikes!  Come play and be a part of one of Ben's dreams come true. 

(Yes, those are pictures of Nicki tearing it up on Ben's Bike Playground while it was closed last fall before she left town.  We snuck her in...)

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