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Mar 07-13

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Yesterday would have been Ben's 41st birthday.  Last year, with his typical shrug of generosity, Ben treated a large group of his friends to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.  He was as happy as a king.  In that same spirit of giving a gift to others on his day, we're happy to announce Ben's Bike Playground, a trailhead bike park.

The bike playground was a dream of Ben's.  It will have jumps, balance lines and a pump track.  Check out the details and videos of similar bike parks here.   Like Ben did, the playground will make the bike trails more inclusive as it is designed to draw in families who come to recreate at the lakeside but don't know about the trails strewn out through the woods behind them.  I remember a summer that Ben walked around with arthritic wrist braces from practicing too many bike jumps at the local skate park–he will be smiling the day this park opens to the public.

Chugach Mountain Bike Riders, the local nonprofit for which Ben volunteered, has raised over $160,000 with a goal of $225,000.  If you’re able to chip in,  please do so here.  If you know of a business or a foundation that would like to be a part of Ben’s Bike Playground, please get in touch.  Whether you pitch in or not, come ride the trails.  Ben is everywhere on them, winter and summer, rain, snow and sunshine.  

And bring some kids with you!

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