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Oct 25-31

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hey all.

    sorry i have not done a first update yet but it been a busy and very hear time here. with begging pt and stuff i just have not been up to it. so where to begging? the gait training is going good. but if i had to summ it up in one word is PAIN! holy moldy! i know it was going to be hear but i did not thing it be this hear! when you have not walked in three and helf yr. you kind of forgot how to and u kind of loos a lot of u musice mass to in you legs. and that is what happens to me! my left leg is must must worger then my right leg. but none of less i have not walk on non of my legs for three and helf years so it going good but it going to take a very long time. but i am doing it! i have been going to pt two times a week for about a month now. have not miss one time for anything. (and let me say this there been a few times that i what to miss!) so in closing although this is not very long but i had pt today and i am in a lot of pain and i cant really thing or say up on the computer that must. i will try to get a more info update on here with in the next for days. i also what to add here my go fund me page. i wm rying to rise the money for my gait trainer walker and my kafo for my right leg.

thank you.


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