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Site created on May 14, 2018

hey all thank you for comeing to my sit, i have this sit to i can do updates and post my video (hopefully!) on here to keep everone in the know on how things are going in the gait training. i will put a litter background on here now but i will updated it laster on.

i have had RSD/CRPS now for 14 yr. it going to be 15 yr this stemp. i frist got it in my left ankle. from a spring. it have gone in and out of remimmtion alot of times. but 4 yr a go it come out of rem. due to my falling bown the steps and spring my left albow. and it been out evern stint. it is not in my left arm from my figghers to my shoulder, in my left leg from my toes to my hip and in my right leg from my toes to my knee. i have not walked in three yr. tomorrow hopefully that will all being to change! i beging gait training pt!. (gr pt lol) i will be vidoeing it every step (ha ha step get it step) of the way. and be hopefullying posting it here (if i can figher out how to do that on here) and on youtube. will post the link of that on here. the youtube page will also have a ton of ton of info on rsd to. so plases go and look at it.
thank you so must.

rsd in one word? it shucks!

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Journal entry by anna mcnamara

hey all.

    sorry i have not done a first update yet but it been a busy and very hear time here. with begging pt and stuff i just have not been up to it. so where to begging? the gait training is going good. but if i had to summ it up in one word is PAIN! holy moldy! i know it was going to be hear but i did not thing it be this hear! when you have not walked in three and helf yr. you kind of forgot how to and u kind of loos a lot of u musice mass to in you legs. and that is what happens to me! my left leg is must must worger then my right leg. but none of less i have not walk on non of my legs for three and helf years so it going good but it going to take a very long time. but i am doing it! i have been going to pt two times a week for about a month now. have not miss one time for anything. (and let me say this there been a few times that i what to miss!) so in closing although this is not very long but i had pt today and i am in a lot of pain and i cant really thing or say up on the computer that must. i will try to get a more info update on here with in the next for days. i also what to add here my go fund me page. i wm rying to rise the money for my gait trainer walker and my kafo for my right leg.

thank you.

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