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A fight for his life! Chris Tabor, a 47-year-old father of three girls (Vivienne 16; Evangeline 13; Beatrix 9), was tested for and then diagnosed with the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on November 18, 2020.  Given Chris's age and exemplary health, we would expect he would experience some symptoms which would pass, as is typical for his age.  However, Chris experienced a roller coaster of ER visits and hospitalization. Today he remains fighting for his life on a ventilator at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  As it stands, Chris's survival fighting COVID this long on a ventilator is a miracle.

December 7th News Story: Inside Chris's ICU Unit at Methodist Hospital

December 10th CaringBridge Page Launch:

December 12th News Story: Chris's Daughters Advocate for Masks for Fight COVID

December 25th: A GoFundMe Account Was Created on Chris's Birthday

Chris's daughters and the whole family have been fierce advocates of mask-wearing, keeping social distance, and visits within small bubbles of friends. Their Dad was also a vigilant mask-wearer and took many COVID-safe precautions, yet still got the virus. Chris's COVID unit in the ICU was featured in the above-linked news story, and the girls were guests in the other linked news story advocating for mask-wearing. 

As Chris continues to fight for his life on the ventilator, a GoFundMe fundraising account launched on his 48th birthday (December 25th) in hopes of another Christmas Miracle! A miracle that through crowdfunding, his daughters can raise enough funds to take care of him in the future. 

Chris's care team has met with his family and recommended continued treatment. As Chris improves and becomes stable enough, he will get a tracheotomy. This will involve him requiring less oxygen and pressure from the ventilator consistently. He is far from this right now. It is simply heartbreaking. His girls haven't seen him in person since November 10th. 

Once Chris receives the tracheotomy, he will be transferred to another hospital specializing in weaning patients from ventilators. That will happen a month after receiving the trach. After that hospital transfer, he will go to rehabilitation, which will take one or two more months. During rehabilitation, healthcare providers will help build up his strength after being in bed for so many months. Finally, he would be released home or to transitional care. The staff advised it would be about a year until he would be functioning close to his 'normal' self.  The team also advised that Chris would likely be forever dependent on oxygen. This is due to the damage sustained from COVID. His lungs may never function normally again. 

Funds donated will benefit the Tabor girls (Vivi, Bea, Evie) cost of living in the absence of their father's ability to generate income due to his health and for the girls to use toward their father's recovery. The girls will work with their Guardian to use these funds. The family is also in the process of exploring Conservatorship for Chris as his primary health provider has deemed him incapacitated. The girls will use funds for related assistance and costs for their father, such as shelter, an accessible home, additional treatment not covered by health insurance, post-trauma counseling, transportation, or other costs deemed necessary for the girls and the care of their Father.

The need for funds is urgent. Disability insurance, which has just been initiated, covers a fraction (60%) of Chris's normal earnings, which does not cover the cost of living and monthly bills. As it stands, many friends and family have stepped up and donated time or money, which has been greatly appreciated. We (below-listed team) are working aggressively to arrange all support we can, such as connecting with a social worker and consulting with knowledgeable professionals to advocate for the girls and Chris. The road to normalcy for the girls and their Dad will be very long. The costs will be astronomical, but we can all do this for Vivi, Evie, Bea, and their Dad. 

Other ways to give: Write comments and well wishes. The family reads these aloud when virtually visiting Chris. Follow the CaringBridge site. Download the app to your smartphone.  In the future, we will need volunteers for related activities as events develop.

About the team: Vivi, Evie, & Bea and their Father are advocated for by friends and family --- Melissa Kaan (the girls' mother), Karen Van Sickle (Chris's girlfriend), Chris Statz (Dad of Vivi's BFF Hope & Chris's Brother-From-Another-Mother), and Shannan LaMalfa Reishus (Friend of Chris & Mel, Mom of Vivi's BFF Hope).

A special thank you: Words cannot even begin to express the gratitude that the girls and their Mother have for the endless number of people who have reached out, given the gift of time or money, written notes, and more. The family is not from Minnesota, and now they really feel the 'Minnesota Nice' like never before. Your names are too many to list but THANK YOU to our Minnesotans and beyond.

We didn't anticipate Chris would suffer from COVID for so long or that we would need a website to update the many friends and family reaching out with support. Still, after 2 weeks of Chris fighting COVID-19 in the ICU, we realized... this is the 'long-haul.' It is likely Chris will spend some time fighting this virus and may embark on a long recovery. The purpose of this site is to inform and update and possibly prepare and plan for the support Chris may need when he wins his fight against COVID-19. This site is moderated by friends of the Tabor family Chris Statz ( and Shannan LaMalfa (  For a comprehensive history of developments, read the December 10th Journal Entry.