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Site created on March 2, 2020

Evynne Jean Mann made a surprise appearance to her parents, Katie and Jesse Mann while they were visiting family in Kansas in late February.  Born at 25 weeks and only 1 lb 9 oz, she spent 23 weeks in the NICU and now has many hurdles to overcome now that she is home. Please be praying for little Evynne, and subscribe if you would like to receive regular updates!

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Katie Mann

We're back home!

Evynne got to get off of high flow oxygen first thing Wednesday morning. She stayed stable on the low flow for the rest of the day, so the doctor felt comfortable discharging us Wednesday night. We got home right at bedtime, just in time for Evynne to sleep in her own crib. She's going to stay on 1/4 to 1/2 a liter of oxygen around the clock as she continues to recuperate at home and we'll go back to see the pediatrician early next week to evaluate. 

She started on antibiotics Wednesday morning as well for an ear infection-- the doctor says it seems most RSV kiddos this year are getting ear infections after the viral infection. 

We're pretty tired from our week and from getting up multiple times in the night to reapply the oxygen, but it's nice to take naps in our own beds. We're also thankful Evynne got to stay in Laramie for the whole time and didn't need to be transferred to Children's or need an ICU, things that we can't always take for granted.

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