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Site created on October 9, 2020

As you may know, I was recently diagnosed with cancer. This is a new journey for Amanda and me. A journey that will be at times extremely overwhelming and scary.

We cherish all the support we get from those close to us, and we are hoping this platform will be something to help fill in the communication gap that can be so difficult to span with everybody during a time like this. We find ourselves on the phone a lot in order to fill in the details with our loved ones who we really appreciate. We thought if we could provide a space for everybody to be updated at the same time, maybe it would help us get some of our precious evening together time as a family back.

That being said, feel free to call and check in on us! We love you all so much and care deeply about sharing this journey with you. Please feel free to leave a message here, ask questions, and show your support.  Thank you all for your love and support to me and my grateful family.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kate Starnes

Good day friends and family;  I would like to take a moment to update you on the progress of Travis' fight against cancer.

As some of you may remember, he recently had a CT scan to measure the effectiveness of his chemotherapy treatment. 

The great news: the mass that is located in his rectum has responded well to his treatment and shunk significantly, this also includes the lining shrinking which is another measure of progress!!! A few of the lesions in his liver are shrinking as well.  The largest one has already shrunk by 50%!  The timing of this knowledge could not be better, as the last few infusions Travis has had, have been coupled with much more intense side effects, including loss of appetite and vomiting.  It's great to hear that his fight thus far is working and his body is reaping the benefits!

Some good news;  the doctors they were able to note that a few of the small lesions in his liver have grown.  You might be asking: "why is this good news," because they are now able to target those lesions and blast them with a different type of chemo!  It's always good to know what we'er dealing with and how to approach it!

We are currently not sure on the new combination of chemo drugs that he will taking, we will know more on Monday when it starts.  However, we do know that his side effects will be different.  He should have less problems in regards to dealing with the cold and neuropathy.  His doctor has also prescribed him some medicine to help with the Coronary Vasospasms that he is experiencing.  Due to this new medicine, he has one additional week reprise before starting his new chemo treatment.

C.E.A. is a tumur marker that can be found in the blood of people who have some types of cancer.  When Travis was first diagnosed in October, his doctors tested his C.E.A. levels to gather a baseline.  We've also recently learned that his levels are progressively declining.  So, with all of this knowledge we have much to be grateful for in regards to Travis' battle!!!

We also want to say thank you, to all of you who have shown your love and support for Travis during these past few weeks by purchasing a Fight Cancer for Travis shirt!  Once again; 100% of the proceeds are going to Travis and his family, due to Matt and Peter volunteering their time, knowledge, and workspace to get it done for him!  If you haven't had a chance to finalize your order please do so now, as we will be closing the campaign in a few days to get everybody their swag!  You can find them at  Travis is looking forward to hosting the curbside pick-up and seeing all your faces, and packaging those who opted for it to be mailed.  Please remember to take percautions to keep his immune system safe and healthy during this time.

As always, we love and appreciate all of you.  Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or just want to send love and support!


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