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Journal entry by Chic (Pat) Garlock

Todd Update Thursday, June 7th
Todd was discharged yesterday, Wednesday June 8th.  The plan was to stay overnight at the hotel.  Then this morning we were supposed to go as into the Cancer Center as an out patient and get a shot that would boost his white blood cells over the next 20 days. 

Last night at the hotel Todd started to get a fever. 100.9
We had strict instructions that if certain things happened while we were at the hotel that we were to call the doctor immediately. 
If he got a fever higher than 100.4 we had to we did. 

Spent the entire night in the Cleveland Clinic ER. Got moved back into the Leukemia unit this morning at 4:30 am. 
Fever is gone, they have filled him with antibiotics because his immune system is almost non-existent due to the chemo.

He feels fine now...but we will be in the hospital again at least thru the weekend and maybe mid-next week. The good news is that they will give him a daily shot that will build up his white blood cells while here. 

So hopefully we will get home by Wednesday. 

This morning the nurses desk brought in another 73 cards that were delivered and the most awesome surprise that put us both in tears. Micah Hyde from the Buffalo Bills sent a large box. We opened it to find a helmet personalized to Todd and signed by many of the players on the Buffalo Bills team. I think we need to thank my dear friend Greg Flores for that treat! Greg and Micah worked together on the Micah Hyde Foundation. Todd is a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan!! How wonderful!! 

So...we did get moved into a bigger room with a beautiful view..where we work at getting Todd strong enough to go home. 
Keep praying...because he keeps fighting!!
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