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Site created on December 10, 2011

Welcome to Tim's, (or Sage as many of you know him) CaringBridge website. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about Tim's progress. Get started by reading the introduction to his website, my story and visit often to read about Tim's progress. You can also visit the photo gallery and write Tim a note in his guestbook.
Thank you for all your love and support. --Candice

Tim is the kind of man that everyone loves from the first moment they meet him. He's the one who motivates you, makes you laugh, wonder, think, and cry. He's a dare-devil and a jokester. When I met Tim almost 11 years ago I knew he'd be in my life forever, and today is another reminder of that.
On Thursday, 12/8/11, Tim was in a sky diving accident which left him in critical condition in the ICU. His chute opened, but when making a turn, low to the ground, better known as swooping, his parachute was in a dive and didn't have enough altitude to recover properly before landing. For us non-sky divers, he hadn't slowed down enough and "hit the ground hard".
His friends and loved ones make a difference, you guys really do. Please continue to visit for updates and share your concern and prayers on this site. I know Tim will read this one day and feel all the love and support from all of you.

(I do, I really, really do! from Tim)

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tim Sagehorn

I just looked at my calendar and noticed that 40 years ago on June 22, the movie that became the precedent to be compared to with pretty much all future scary, sci-fi flicks to be made from then on. It is also, in my humble opinion, became one of the most enjoyable flicks that I have ever seen. I know I went and saw it in the theater at least 3 times back in my day and yes, I had three different dates. The film had Signourney Weaver in one of her first great starring roles and was directed by Ridley Scott. Alien went on to become the movie that all were compared to going on from there. I have purchased Alien and Aliens in so many versions over the years that I have lost count. I have seen all of them more than once and easecially the first two so many times who can count that high. One thing is that I have seen all versions available of all of them but emphasize ALIEN and ALIENS.. I can still enjoy them to this day, and that is not from a memory issue from this little 'incident' I had. All I can say see the directors cut fo the first two and have a great evening after that. I have and I do.
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