Timothy’s Story
Welcome to Tim's, (or Sage as many of you know him) CaringBridge website. I've created it to keep friends and family updated about Tim's progress. Get started by reading the introduction to his website, my story and visit often to read about Tim's progress. You can also visit the photo gallery and write Tim a note in his guestbook.
Thank you for all your love and support. --Candice

Tim is the kind of man that everyone loves from the first moment they meet him. He's the one who motivates you, makes you laugh, wonder, think, and cry. He's a dare-devil and a jokester. When I met Tim almost 11 years ago I knew he'd be in my life forever, and today is another reminder of that.
On Thursday, 12/8/11, Tim was in a sky diving accident which left him in critical condition in the ICU. His chute opened, but when making a turn, low to the ground, better known as swooping, his parachute was in a dive and didn't have enough altitude to recover properly before landing. For us non-sky divers, he hadn't slowed down enough and "hit the ground hard".
His friends and loved ones make a difference, you guys really do. Please continue to visit for updates and share your concern and prayers on this site. I know Tim will read this one day and feel all the love and support from all of you.

(I do, I really, really do! from Tim)

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tim Sagehorn

We are already thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday with Breanna, Candice's sister, bringing her son and stepson down to 'hang out' for a few days. Hopefully the kids will have a fine time going out to see what we have here in "The OC". It will be crowded in here with everyone but I am sure we will do fine. I guess I don't write that much but I am now spending a lot of my time getting PT and gaming playing Destiny 2 Forsaken on my Ps4. This latest update, Forsaken, has gotten much more difficult and takes a lot more time, especially for me, to complete. Remember, it was a 10% atrophy of my pre-frontal lobe so I guess I may have lost a bit of my whit, knowledge and repartee. So after being 120% intellect of the average guy, 10% of 120 is 12% so 120 minus 12 leaves me with about 108% of the average person. (hah hah). Gaming and PT, or physical traumathy a couple times a week now takes up a lot of my time. My term for PT is physical traumathy from physical therapy. The physical traumathists usually  create so much trauma, or PAIN,  from the scraping or pounding with tools and a laser, hence the name Traumathy. Not a bad word for my new dictionary or Sagenary as it will be named. Well that is all today
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